United Nations

The Statute of the Aged one presents three society without pointing the reduction of the inaqualities between them. The first one, the society of the old ones with providence, generation of the social insurances; second, of the aged ones with social assistance, meeting supported in the concept of public politics directed toward the attendance to the poverty; third, the society of ' ' without nada' ' , without the providence and the social assistance. In other words, the first society is of the enclosed ones for the income proceeding from the work and ' ' pact of generations ' ' , second, for the concept of old poor person without income and third, one meets dismissed of specific social politics. For its turn, the law of aged the nothing mentions concerning the complementary providence and it does not send to the necessity of independent security. To work with the concept of aged makes necessarily, to establish two classic differentiations: aging and oldness. The aging is inexorable.

It is a process that if it inscribes in the time of the birth to the death. It is a phenomenon that covers all the history of the humanity, but presents differentiated characteristics in accordance with the culture, the time and the space. For Oak (2003) the oldness would be the last phase of the vital cycle, to assign aged people. The Organization of United Nations (ONU), demarcates the beginning of oldness for the people with 65 years, in countries more than developed and developing countries, people with more than 60 years of age. To define the category oldness is in the reality, a complex question, therefore it implies multiple dimensions, amongst them, the biological one, chronological, psychological, the existencial, the cultural one, the social one, the economic one, among others. In our society, aged being, a priori, would be to continue fighting for its rights of citizenship and keeping its social function of guard of the past, at the same time, redimensionando its life for the accomplishment of productive and pleasant activities.

Real One

Principles are: ' ' Some ideas/certainties/formularizations They are the start, the starting point of the actions. But they had not appeared first after the practical one. In contrast, they already are the result of practical carried through ' ' (Dossier MST School – Documents and Studies 1990-2001. pg.60). The philosophical and pedagogical principles, say respect to an action with solid base, with clear objectives and defined, with contents and methodologies that it aims at to form critical citizens, that imply reflections on practical its, its history, aiming at an emancipation human being, According to Ivo Tonet in the book Education, Citizenship and Emancipation Human being, some requirements are necessary to reach the emancipadora educative activity that it intends to contribute for the emancipation human being, the first one would be the knowledge, deepest and solid possible of the nature of the end whom if it intends to reach, as it is the appropriation of the knowledge regarding the process description Real, in its dimensions particular Reals and, third it follows, is in the knowledge of the essential nature of the specific field of the education, the requisite room of one practical emancipadora is in the domain of the contents specific, the fifth and last one is in the joint of the educative activity with the fights developed for the subordinate classrooms, especially with the fights of that they occupy decisive positions in the productive structure. (pg.226 the 235). The school assumes thus the responsibility to form the citizen, that comes to participate of this social transformation, and is this that the movement comes making, teaching the totalitarian knowledge, of form in which the people if appropriate of this knowledge, teaching the fight of the people. So that this principle happens, some strategies are necessary, that is purposes to reach a society joust, and this will be made possible with tactics, that are the half ones to reach the ends, in which the people can awake for critical a vision and compromissada, thus being able to enxergar the injustices, and from this they can fight against the wealth concentration, to fight for land, change in the social order, leaving of these principles.

Espirito Santo

Mr. much of the times will go to allow that you pass for this process, who know until its familiar ones you will be against you. You are passing for a desert in its life? It leaves that God comes to make the process of the pisamento in your life, leaves it to touch in your soul, in your heart, therefore, when we confess our occult sins, sins that you only think that she cannot be pardoned it is there that God wants to make to operate you resistant, to give the league for its Espirito Santo in your life, leaves God to work in its ego. 3 – Frame: The potter already took off the imperfections and impurities of the adobe, already he made the process of the rest of the clay, already he kneaded sufficiently so that no type of imperfection is in the adobe, so that this adobe does not come to break, now is hour of molding the adobe. God has a very special plan for you in its workmanship, it to use wants you very, but very exactly in its workmanship, you he is almost in the point of being a vase, leaves that the Espirito Santo to touch comes you at this moment and leaves that it to mold comes you as it wants to make in your life. That she is not you it owner of its life, but allows that the Espirito Santo acts in your life, takes control of its life (aleluia). 4 – Fire: Phase very dolorida it is where the adobe to become a useful vase it has that to pass for the fire.

The Bible standes out in them that God will not allow that you are attemped beyond your forces, for the opposite, together with the temptation it will give the release to you. You are to the point to give up everything, God testing you are you, it you are looking at as you resist the fire. Say I you on behalf of Jesus Christ, who you are very special for God, I do not make nothing in your life who to harm comes you spiritual, part help the Espirito Santo, resist the devil and it he will run away from you, he confesses its sins ones to the others so that you can be sarados, but looks a reliable person, a person who you feel that it has the Espirito Santo in its life, so that it comes to help you at this moment of fire, resistance, of much pain, remembers that God is with you and it, wants to make you an honor vase. ‘ ‘ She keeps your crown so that nobody comes tomar’ ‘.

Social Sciences

In the text ' ' ' ' objetividade' ' of the knowledge in sciences sociais' ' , Weber compares social sciences? including History and Economy with sciences of the nature in what it refers to the possibility of if making objective science. It does not have, second note of Conh (apud Weber, 2006), the objetividade as something given: same it is in question (therefore she always appears between quotations marks). Inside of this questioning, Weber if question where felt it has objective valid truths in sciences that if occupy of the cultural life, that has as study object the action human being. Weber already initiates its text refuting the idea of that sciences can (or it must) produce value judgments. According to Conh, science, ' ' (…) in accordance with the position that Weber defends, in the world of the scientific knowledge and this includes the world human (…) only can speak of what it is, not of what it would have to be. The knowledge alone can search support in facts (the data of the reality), never in values (the qualities in names of which if it evaluates reality). ' ' (CONH, GABRIEL apud Weber, 2006, p.8) No matter how hard in social sciences they are necessary explanations of principles of practical matrix, ' ' certainly it could not be its task and, in a generalized manner, of no empirical science to universally determine a practical common denominator for our problems in the form of last ideas and vlidas.' ' (Weber, Max, 1992, P. 112) science is rational, therefore it indicates the objective possibilities.

It fits to the man to decide what to make. ' ' The action of the scientist is rational regarding to an objective. The scientist if considers to announce factual proposals, comprehensive relations of causalidade and interpretations that are universally vlidas.' ' (Aron, 2002, p.466) However, the value judgment does not have to be excluded from the scientific analysis, contanto that it does not affect the validity of the work: a scientific truth must be valid for any person what it does not only mean that if cannot contest it, that it it must follow a logic and a method.

Unit Faustino Joo

Repouso- does not exist no force acting on the body in rest. In this inquiry it looked for to evidence where measured pupils revealed or not these conceptions. For, after that, we work the strategy of education from them. I will describe, to follow, the methodology used in my disgnostic study, as well as the results gotten before and after the application of the strategy. 1.4.METODOLOGIA the disgnostic study was lead by means of the elaboration and application of a questionnaire. Aiming at to identify the alternative conceptions of the pupils regarding the force concepts, movement and rest. The questionnaire was applied at the beginning of the lesson to an amount of 17 students of 1a series of average education, in the city of Is Gonalo of the Piau, in the Pertaining to school Unit Faustino Joo. Where to the end of the lesson after to have occurred an explanation of the professor on the force concepts, movement and rest, the same questionnaire was applied the students of this group, searching to evaluate the learning of the concepts on the part of the pupils.

1.5.Resultados and Quarrels the tables to follow indicate the total of answers given to each one of the alternatives of each question, before and after the application of the education strategy. The asterisk (*) indicates the correct alternative in the ones of choice multiple. Table 1 and 2: Total of answers given to the alternatives of questions 01 the 04 (before and later). QuestoQ1Q2 Alterna.ABC*DABCD* Antes8636434 Depois314116 QuestoQ3 Q4 Altern.A* BCDABCD* Antes9323 1313 Depois125 16 subjective Question of number 5: Given a total of 17 pupils, 15 pupils had answered that when a rock is launched for top, disdaining the resistance of air acts two forces on it and the 17 had answered that when the same one is launched for low weight only acts the force.


With respect to the corpus, we analyze the workmanship of Infantile Literature theoretically pretty Girl of the ribbon bow, basing us on authors as Mussalim (2006), Orlandi (2002), Cavalcanti (2002), Aguiar (2001), Would make (2004) and Valley (2001). This work was elaborated aiming at to contribute for the reflection of as the book, of the famous author previously Ana Maria Axe, approaches the speeches specified. Word-key: Infantile literature. Lingusticas marks. Speeches.

Citizen. Interdiscurso. Abstract: This article has the following purposes: (1) describe how to writer Ana Maria Axe builds the discourse on the black consciousness, the concept of beauty and respect will be differences, in one of his best-known literary works, and (2) examines how marks present in the language your book materializes these discourses. With regard you the corpus, we analyze the work of Children’ s Literature Girl Pretty ribbon and the reasons will be the theory by authors such the Mussalim (2006), Orlandi (2002), Cavalcanti (2002), Aguiar (2001), Would make (2004) and Valley (2001). This work was prepared you contribute you the understanding of how the book, the renowned author Ana Maria Axe, addresses the discourses specified above. Keywords: Children’ s Literature. Brands language.

Speeches. Subject. Discourse. 1. INTRODUCTION Historically, our country lives in a discriminatory reality and prejudiced it stops with the citizens afro-descendants, who today compose a great parcel of the Brazilian population.

Learning Adventure

From its arrival to our home a dog embarks inevitably in the adventure of the learning. They are beings whose society is based on hierarchies, have a structure and to the mudar to new surroundings they must learn ours. If one is a puppy, so much more easy it will be to them. To learn how it is educated a dog is to know simply that it requires patience and certainty, like with any other activity. The animal can learn always, although not always with the same rate. He will depend on his health, age, and although these are the same, even of individual to individual are differences, until are some that assure that certain races more are predisposed to learn than others, is not the opinion of that writes to them. Each has the potential of being the best mascot, or being a full animal of bad habits, as it happens with the human beings. When embarking us we also in the adventure to raise to a small dog, must know in clearly that we will have to work to its side so that adapts correctly and to guide to him in its transition of a full animal of potential a good mascot.

There are two types of education that we will provide to him to our mascot: and first more important, that one than will allow us to live along with her, that is to say, the one of the norms and conducts that we waited for, which must and what it does not have to do, this from the beginning we must instill to him. Soon secondly we have the one of the tricks, by all means, we will amuse much with our mascot. As much the education of the norms as the education of tricks can begin since we bring to our mascot to the house. It does not matter that at the outset it does not learn much, we will have to insist with patience. Emphasizing the subject of the norms, when for example we took raised to our mascot and we sat down in the bed or a chair, we do not have to be surprised that soon one rises the furniture, is important not to neglect this.

Although in his first days we must be indulgent with respect to some things that still do not know, it is not question to lower the guard. In summary, if we took the time to understand as a dog is educated we will be able to spend pretty moments with her, and thus also our mascot will be more a taste in our home, integrating itself to him. Beam click to learn here like I could train dog without having to leave my house in only short weeks.

Communist International

However, it can only be said that the chains continue the same ones, adding elements after the formation of the aliancista movement. Affonso author Enriques believes that the ANL, although made possible by Vargas, took bigger ratios of what the waited one. Reason this that would have unchained its closing. The ones that defends the communist priority in the ANL, say until the Communist International guided its steps, as it wants William Waack in its book ' ' Camaradas' '. Already the ones that believe the relative independence of the movement, say that, to the few, the ANL goes losing this character, until the point of being dominated on the part of the Communists. Situated in this last group, however with an controversial position, it is Anita Leocdia Prestes. For the historian and son of Luis Carlos You give, in its workmanship ' ' Luis Carlos You give and the ANL' ': ' ' Without the Knight of the Hope and everything what it represented in Brazil, at that moment, hardly the ANL would have existido' '. How much to this position, it seems a certainty I exaggerate, in if treating to history, to supervalue a figure, that without a doubt was very important, in detriment of the too much elements that had constructed and kept the aliancista movement.

Reference to this as moment, we believe that the ANL kept, its beginning, the allegiance to its program. However, through a gradual process, and without return, part of the Communists if they had possessed of the power of the movement, supplying arguments its closing for Vargas. Finally, after the illegality, has a consensus in presenting the ANL almost as instrument of faade for some Communists. Later, these more radical elements would organize one (disorganized) seted revolt, that was known as ' ' Comunista&#039 conspiracy; '. However, for Affonso Enriques, Vargas wise person of everything and ' ' deixou' ' that the movement blew up, to initiate planned its hunts to the Communists, who in fact occurred.

Arial Width

importante to emphasize that the purchase process does not lock in nahomologao of the licitation, but yes only after the act of receiving of the ouservio product. Porfim, we can affirm that the lesser price is not the villain of the compraspblicas, but yes the lack of planning and implantation of one polticaeficiente of purchases and acts of contract. It happens that bad they gestoresutilizam the argument of the lesser price to justify its acts

BOSELLI, Pablo. As to have success in the licitations. So Paulo: Edicta, 1998. 400p.

BOTTINO, Tullio Landmark; RIGOLIN, Ivan Barbosa. Practical manual of the Licitations. 3. ed. So Paulo: Hail, 1999. 458p. BRAZIL. Constitution (1988). Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Brasilia: Federal Senate, 1988. BRAZIL. Federal law n 8,666, of 21 of June of 1993. It makes use on general norms on licitations pertinent administrative econtratos the workmanships, services, also depublicidade, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope of them.

International Day

Walking for the streets of the city I had the privilege of being able to contemplate the extremities of the life. A catador of paper person is of its standards. It was to walk for the streets being cantarolando songs of love and its stand completely decorated of flowers. In it (stand) it did not have nor ten centimeters blank without flowers all harvested in the garbage of the city and all placed in perfect harmony making a decoration uniform. it one appears well marcante masculine. High, brown man clearly, using cavanhaque, pretty lean however with well dirty vestments in its face was shining the star of the love It intrigued that me. At the accurate moment I felt lack of my photographic machine, therefore it was a well-known situation so that all the women could see.

I went down of the car and I asked for that it came to say a little with me. It inquired: – I? I answered that yes. It came to my meeting smiling I asked it reason to it of the smile, the happiness, the cantorias and the flowers in the stand. It answered with much polidez: – I have in house a love. Loved mine it is best and the more beautiful woman of world for this I am always happy. It is everything that a necessary man to feel itself carried through. I asked for it described who it with printed sincerity in the face it said: it is fofa, black hair chestnuts, eyes, have a meter and sixty and weigh 82 kilos.

But its heart weighs three times more than so great it is. I was married another person for the first time and of this marriage they had come five children. Certain day to the first abandoned me wife with the children and was to live a great love with an owner of boate. I and my children suffer very. The pain of the abandonment it is always cruel. Then I knew domestic Maria working in a house where I was to arrange a garden the principle I noticed that it it had a certain difficulty with the arm. But it donated itself in such a way, as much of itself that today I leave to work I leave and it in house It made pra me what no Maria esbelta would make it created my children as if they were same its lacking a breast never we leave to make love. It took care of was of my heart trimmed my defects with words meigas, watered my soul with waters of its tears adubou my being with attitudes that raise today these flowers are for it, and this stand represents everything that I feel and everything that we are. This stand does not have price. Text written for Mara Arantes Coast day 05/02/2010

Successful Product

Barbie has varied over time, both the appearance of your face and your body. Different moulds used for her head are known by collectors as the head mold, and usually their name identifies with the of the first doll that has taken him. Barbie has not only had different molds throughout its history, but that her friends, of different races, have also seen how their faces were evolving. The first mold patented in 1958 and was an outgoing and solid line at the height of the tabs. It is the original Barbie head mold, which is still being used today, with the Silkstone line and the repros (modern reproductions of the classic vintage). That same year which is patented mold would be used for her first friend, Midge, Midge original head mold, more turn-up nose, and which went on sale in different editions, with blond, black, and red hair. Her first friend of black race, Christie, was released in 1965, with a cast that as in the case of Midge would go to evolve and be updated, and known as the original Christie head mold. The Barbie doll has brought a lot of games, Internet, table games, games of painting, among other great variety of products, had some success which has the original product while others went out in small quantities, or certain countries so they are difficult to find and therefore tend to be the most attractive for collectorsthat’s why a lot of these products were released with great success around the world. That is why throughout the history of this doll, barbie games were one of the games with more sales and success around the world.

Selling Products Online

Well, we can review this question from two points of view: 1) statistical information 2) the quality of intangible products and as it should be, begin by one. Statistically the internet market is huge and grows day by day. There are millions of users that are on the network, there are hundreds of thousands of potential buyers of our product. Finally, there is a captive market that tells us that internet sales should be a success. This is without taking into account that there is already a good amount of internet selling gurus, there are a few network entrepreneurs that billed thousands of dollars a month. What we can conclude that statistically to start a business online to sell our product, even if it requires work and knowledge, could be a great business.

But here begins our doubt, precisely at the moment of entering the second point, so we go… Before attempting this point, let’s define what is an intangible product: any product that the potential customer can buy and download define how intangible immediately to your PC: music, software, electronicos(e-books) books, videos, audiobooks, pictures, and others. The term defined, let’s what we, yes it is possible to sell intangible products on the internet when they are of quality. Unfortunately, it is becoming very popular in the network, that people with only mercantilist mindset, it is producing materials for sale, especially electronic books, of very low quality. That they are not more than the sum of parts of different authors or subjects treated with absolute superficiality, due to the lack of knowledge that has the author on the subject. Also, it is important to clarify, there is a very good quality material in the network. However, we are concerned about these merchants of intangible materials that are produced as sausages, since they are beginning to create mistrust in potential buyers. Remember on the internet everything is known and the ongoing scam of these pseudoautores, extends into opinions across the network, hurting those who produce quality material, since the actual authors and that you know on the subject which is written, are good photographers, or make videos of quality or good programmers, in addition to these products with the desire to earn money, which is natural and logical since it is his work, also wished to disseminate and share their knowledge or experience.

So, the pseudoautores are damaging the image of the good producers of intangible items and undermine the confidence of Internet users to acquire them. So that, in conclusion, if it is worth selling intangible products online, but spend your time to produce quality product. It covers topics and uses techniques that learn and which can spread with complete confidence. With this, not only obtained those who produce good articles, but to yourself, since a product of good quality will bring as a result, the purchase of a new product by the customer. In relation to the buyers of intangible products, I recommend to check who is the author of the product, what are your credentials and with that can conclude about the quality of your article. And after this buy with confidence and to take him.

Product Developers

The drawback that presents this kind of algorithm is that may be suspected of many things that are not viruses. This makes it necessary that the user who uses it knows a little about the structure of the operating system, in order to possess tools that facilitate discrimination of any false alarm generated by a heuristic method. Some of the antivirus on this class are: F-Prot, Norton Anti Virus, and Dr. Solomon s Toolkit. Well, another way to detect the presence of a computer virus on a system is to monitor PC activities noting if any process attempts to modify the critical sectors of storage devices or executable files.

Programs that perform this task are called integrity checkers. On the basis of these considerations, we can consign a good anti-virus system must be composed of a detector virus program, that it is always resident in memory and a program which verifies the integrity of critical sectors of your hard disk and their executables. There are antivirus products that cover two aspects, or you configured different products can be combined so that there is no conflict between them. The structure of an anti-virus program, consists of two main modules: the first called the so-called second response and control. In turn, each of them is divided into several parts: 1. control module: possesses the technical verification of integrity which allows the registration of changes in executable files and critical areas of a hard drive.

It is, in short, a tool preventive to maintain and control the information components of a hard drive are not changed unless the user requires it. Another option within this module is the identification of viruses, which includes various techniques for the detection of computer viruses. The most common forms of detection are algorithms, such as for example, the heuristics and the scanning. Likewise, the identification of malicious code is another tools of detection which, in this case, seeks to dangerous instructions included in programmes, for the integrity of the information on your hard disk. This implies decompile (or disassemble) in automatically stored files and locate sentences or groups of dangerous instructions. Finally, the control module also has a resource management to carry out a monitoring routines through which you access (access to disk, etc.) computer hardware. This way you can limit the action of a program by restricting the use of these resources, as for example to prevent access to critical areas of the disc writing or avoid the same formatting functions are implemented. 2. Answer module: function alarm is included in all anti-virus programs and consists of stopping the action of the system at the suspicion of the presence of a computer virus, and report the situation via a notice on the screen. Some anti-virus programs offer, once detected a computer virus, the possibility of eradicating it. Therefore, the function repair is used as a momentary solution to maintain the operability of the system until a proper solution can be instrumented. On the other hand, there are two techniques to avoid infection of executable entities: avoid that you spread throughout the program or prevent that infection to expand beyond a fixed scope. Although the first option is the most appropriate, it raises major problems of implementation. A.V.P.D.

Leather Products

Cow leather is used to make different products. Already since the beginning of humanity used the natural leather of animals to survive in nature. After hunting the animal to be able to feed themselves they took advantage of all parts of the same and their clothes were made to withstand low temperatures, footwear, bags, leather briefcases to carry utensils when they had to travel long distances. To recognize the quality of the material, resistant and durable, they could develop these products without fear to break or wear down over time. Leather products having characteristics of durability and flexibility were legacy to following generations. In today’s hectic world, products are generally made with lightweight, low cost and low quality material. This produces the material splitting and finally break.

So its use is very short time and, accordingly, the consumer does not enjoy the product you bought because you quickly have to replace it with another. However, still can be found in the market those people who are they strive to preserve this inherited tradition: assess the quality of genuine leather, natural leather.They have knowledge of the properties of the leather to make products and know that they will last in time. They also elaborate them caring for detail, good design and comfort them.On the other hand, we find those people who recognize the quality of the leather and who maintain the desire to share a product with history with their loved ones.

Adidas Tennis Products

Tennis is now a popular sport among young and old. More and more children start early in life with the tennis. Of course, part of a good tennis player is not only a certain amount of experience and of course the talent and skill, but also a good tennis equipment. That is, one needs the right tennis rackets, the right tennis bag (optional, depending on the professionalism) and the right tennis clothes. On the tennis market is lined with many vendors who sell the above items. A brand has established itself not only in tennis, but worldwide as one of the leading sports brands known. The Adidas brand, known for its excellent quality and always a topical and contemporary design. That is why Adidas can not be missing in tennis, called Adidas tennis. Some athletes supported or sponsored by Adidas were: Fernando Gonzalez, Ana Ivanovic, Martina Hingis and, of course, many other top tennis players. The Adidas Tennis items are diversified. Thus, from shoes, tennis rackets, toAdidas Tennis Apparel Adidas Tennis many items offered. For the quality is added as an additional plus factor that these Adidas tennis products cost more money than the products of the “competition”. In the end, however, every tennis player has to decide for themselves what specific brand and which product is best for him. A good mix would be for many a combination of certain brands. Thus one has a good overview of the various products and can evaluate the quality of daily life due to very good. One had said at the end, however, whether characterized Adidas tennis or any other tennis brand, a successful player is not only clothes, but can be through.


Practical to set Guide and conquer goals is the product that I’ll be examining and I would like to deal with frequently asked questions that you as a person interested in this product could be: what you need to know: that is practical guide to establishing and conquer goals? Can it really be a hoax? Is it worth buying it? Is there a return policy? No time missed, hands to work that is practical guide to establishing and conquer goals? We will see this is what the author of the web page says: the practical guide to establishing and conquer goals consistent, effective and motivating. Can you return me the money? Of course! This product is covered by a guarantee of reimbursement of 60 days without objection through processor (Clickbank) payment. This means that you can request a refund of the money without having to contact the sellers of the product only you can do it with Clickbank. It is worth? This can sometimes be difficult to judge. It is true that possible is to use the reimbursement rate to assess the reliability (have a look at the section of scam in this review) and in addition you can also read the testimonies of different products on the web. And clear, if you’re lucky you can find some criticism of a user on the web but often you will not be able to find enough impartial information and sometimes your search will be blank.

But don’t worry, this aid on hand because practical guide to establishing and conquer goals has any discussion without a money-back guarantee (see section of return of money in this review). So, if you have the temptation to then I would say that definitely worth buying it because you can ask for the return of the product if it doesn’t work for you. Is it a scam? It may be possible. A way to know is through several sites of high rank on the Internet that can help you determine whether or not a scam. They judge the reliability that you should have in other web sites. I use these statistics to get a range of confidence of a product, and in this case practical guide to establishing and conquer goals has a score of 90.11/100. If so outside and without you knowing it buys the product, don’t worry because the client will always be protected against this type of situations and you can return the product if it does not meet your expectations.

Do and now what? Having read all the above, you must be an expert for the purchase of practical guide to establishing and conquer goals. My recommendation now is to take a look at the full details of the product (see the link below) which will give you more details. Paola Fuentes a recommendation more before buying this product, ensure you have all the guarantees. By clicking on my page: you can know in detail the satisfaction guarantee extra I offer.

Economic Affairs

ESO is structured in such a way that sixteen students should arise where guide your life. required studies have been finished, but do and now what? A part of them, either exhausted student life, or good for Economic Affairs or simply because they want to, prove to introduce to the world of work, which will offer them money to support herself (although currently would put him in doubt). Obviously you can not have everything, and if you decide to not continue, we must assume the consequences. Works in most technical cases, with a base salary and, obviously, a job offer reduced to personal capabilities which abandon studies implies. Some others decide to start middle grade training cycles. The cycles will provide knowledge for the next job. The most prepared and trained students that may soon opt for more job offers than before.

The mid-grade cycles allow students pursue vocational training of top grade, which is also accessed through the baccalaureate. Cycles training also belong to FP vocational studies. Through the formative cycles of grade top students will have a great training to get better jobs, and in addition will have the possibility of access to the University. It is one of the options with more career opportunities, taking into account the possibilities and opportunities offered. Finally, a few studies chosen by the vast majority: secondary education. Continuing studies CHS, secondary education gives general knowledge of various materials, with which the young will grow as a person and acquire general culture. From now on, touch decide whether entering the world of work, or begin vocational training of top grade, or examine the selectivity and begin at the University for greater specialization. Whatever the option by which one is to decanted, this is a very important decision, that students should be to take with great and calm premeditation and, if possible, helped tutor who advise him.

Now I Have My Blog And Now That Follows

I already have my Blog, and now who follows? It has already invested a good amount of time creating and editing your blog, did all the research process on platform, domains, hosting sites blog (like blogspot, for example), use of the relevant tools and, above all, the theme of your blog. Already have the blog running, i.e. This online, in cyberspace, and wondered: and now that follows?. The answer depends on your objective when deciding on blogging: If did it as a hobby, because you follow killing time with the blog; every day put him more content, more themes, more images, more video, Wow, more than everything. And if he did so to obtain money, since you just have to meterle content, as I said, over all, because a blog is synonymous of constant updating. Now, once you are blogging, money can come to you, literally, as soon as you request it. Once you have created a blog and have a regular number of readers, it’s easy to make a profit through advertising, offering space in your blog for links or sponsored banners, you can earn money from your hobby almost overnight. Even if you have not begun their blog with the intention of obtaining a benefit, gain additional income from your blog can be easier than you think.

Of course, even for people who have spent months or years in his blog, money from advertising revenue may not be a large sum. The amount of money you can make as a blogger depends on a lot of different factors, but perhaps the most important element of the equation is the theme of your blog. If your blog is on a topic that attracts a large demographic group that advertisers want to reach, you will be more likely that you can gain a large on his blog, and on the other hand, if your blog is about a fairly dark theme that not outlines the type of audience that advertisers need, the gain will be very little or none. Of course, the only way to know is place your blog in this spectrum, is trying to sell space to some ads or advertisers, and see what happens. If you are already blogging, has nothing to lose. In my next article I will try on some ideas for blogging. I will try on apparently good topics and other bad guys.

National Agency

There are many people each day participating in sweepstakes Lottery online with the hope that the number or the award-winning numbers are those who have them, but at the same time you know that it is quite complicated. We live at present difficult economic times worldwide and are increasingly more people used the lottery as an amulet and expect to have luck, enough so that they can be the beneficiaries of certain amount of money that will help them cope with the expenses for at least a while. In our country there are several types of lottery, Bonoloto, national lottery, Euromillions, fat of the primitive or primitive. Most rely on the National Agency for state lotteries and betting of, and this is within the Ministry of finance. But certainly the lottery that arouses more interest is the Christmas lottery, not by being more prize has but by being the more distributed, and above all because many people are not limited to a single tenth but buy several increasing their chances of winning, Yes you still need a tenth, you can get it in Lottery the paint that offers possibilities to buy online in your Web.

Adsense Money

Earn money on the internet is attractive, would who would say no to the opportunity to earn a couple of dollars in these times? How difficult is to find as much information and know that it is what can really work. I recommend that you avoid the opportunities that say get rich tomorrow, generate hundreds of dollars a day with five minutes of your time because unfortunately that promise more are those least fulfilled. To succeed and win lots of money we need to find a business opportunity as I will mention below. This article gives you three ideas to get you started earning money if you’re a novice but you have ability to make blogs, graphic design or you are a writer, then you can make money online. You can subscribe to forums where these skills are contracted as is a respected place in where you can hire or look for a job online. If you’re a photographer, you can sell your images online at any time. This business does not require much effort and is ideal for beginners, whether in forums where needed photographs or on your own web site, maybe don’t be a professional photographer but if you like taking photos, also this activity may be to it. Another easy way to make money is through Adsense in which you create a web site, you register the program google Adsense through the page in that site once you’ve registered, it gives you a code with your key, which you then paste on your web site, creating advertising on your site and every time someone click this publicity, you win money. My final recommendation is that first you realize any talent you have, you think how you can do that that talent will become a service that you can provide and register to forums or sites (which I have already given some) where you can sign up so that you start to receive work and eventually can earn lots of money in the medium or long term. The perseverance and dedication will be your key to achieve the success that you are looking for.

Make Money

Blogging is becoming more and more popular on the Internet and covers a very diverse topics source. If you want to create a blog to document their everyday lives or to connect people with the same interests, hobbies, music fans, car enthusiasts or even milk collectors bottle!, is easy to make. You can even make good money from blogs if everything is working correctly by using Amazon and Google AdSense and various other ways to monetize your blog. If the blog is about a particular hobby or craft, you can review the products associated with the hobby to money or become an affiliate products and promote them on your blog.Some people create multiple blogs with the sole aim of promoting products on a particular subject, or niche it can make a substantial income from them, and even messages that you post on your blog can be written by someone else. This directory of articles is an excellent source of blog entries and if it is a hobby or site etc craft you can get other members to write and send the blog entries to you for its publication.

Very often a particular post will attract many comments from readers and this itself will be a constant addition of original material to create interest and keep people who visit your blog. Really worth a look at this seriously, especially if you want an income source extra working from home and once the instruction guide is complete (which it costs less than a dinner out), there are no additional costs involved. This only makes it very popular, as we are all aware of ideas to make money that don’t require pumping more money and more on them after the beginning.


Today speak them of 3 websites that offer free content that will surely interest you, it is 1 social network and 2 websites where you can watch TV online free, ideal for when you want to watch sporting events or looking for interact with new people and make friends with whom you can share videos, music and interests you have in common. The first Badoo is a social network that has become more popular, since it meets the majority of the people for occasions of ligue in Spain, is an excellent social network for people who want to know people, in it you can share experiences with people who have your same tastes, find out about festivals that are organized and invite many usersshare music that you like and upload your photos. It is very easy to use and free. Reed Hastings might disagree with that approach. Then we have the best portal to Rojadirecta to watch football online for free, as well as all sporting events that also transmits as basketball, golf and various events, this website offers to watch matches via streaming or download the necessary files to your computer to view the more quiet, also the first option necessary that you have a good internet connection since you’d be watching soccer or other games over the internet, and this can be a little slow with a bad connection. Surely will serve you for the next World Cup. And finally we have Justin TV a service similar to the previous but not limited only to sports but that lets us see all kinds of television programs through internet, sports or news channels and others, this also allows you to register in the event that you want to delete some free restrictions. It is one of the Favorites to watch television over the internet.

The Utensils

This stage may have begun in the stage of pre-contemplation settling in them a cognitive process in which debate inside the benefits and costs of abandon this conduct. For both the conduct practised so far represents a comfortable and practical way of eating what you want them without ensuring hygienic conditions, but they have known for his own observation as contagious influenza and other diseases prevention. Therefore they start to think about the change in attitude since they begin to accept that their behaviour can damage them seriously your health. Starting to pay attention to the information that provide you both your affective environment as expert clinicians and having a handling of contingencies which allow them to already see the habit with consequences. Preparation: Matew as Monica begin to make plans for change, in their hygienic habits. Others including Christopher Nolan, offer their opinions as well.

Matew and Monica can already take steps toward change. At this stage it is possible to immediately begin the process of evaluation and modification e.g. with aid relationships. With its environment to support them. In this case the interventions will be rehabilitative and not only information providing a greater effect when carried out at this stage as they consider the possibility of self-efficacy.Believing in the possibility of change is a motivating element, being important to make the subject responsible for performing necessary for achieving change. YouTube contributes greatly to this topic. Taking into account factors that are necessary to avoid and more healthy behaviors to prevent autovaccines type injuries that lead to the Counterconditioning, conduct contrary to situations of risk.

Action or action: the moment of the modification of the behavior. Taking only foods that have only been in touch with himself and using the utensils clean and uniquely. And with a frequency that allows them to perceive their ability of self-control to keep the behavior of prevention and hygiene, even in situations of risk. The first obstacle that presents a person is the confrontation of a high-risk situation, ones that threaten the sense of self-control.

The Person

until everyone realized that as I was so drunk, and I could not stop drinking, I was staying alone and now with 32 years the only thing that remains for me is work, and after him going to a bar to drink so as not to give more and so the stumbling return home. I.e. in this case of Oscar is easy to see as the need for disinhibition leads to consumption, but pseudo power or ability to interact and achieve what at the time understood as the only remedy in order to participate in the group, to find girlfriend, etc., not only do not let him but led him to these friends or acquaintances and known end up moving away when he voluntarily could not stop drinking. It is important to understand that who has addiction to alcohol, who has developed it after drinking in a systematic and continuous manner conduct reaches a point that cannot fail to do so, that desire to drink here or that search for the drink for the reason that feels at the beginning that is given for example account disinhibition that drinking makes you, the energy, or dare to speak, tell jokes, participate, etc., what begins as a solution to a problem, then it becomes a necessity or a dependency on the order of compulsion as obsessive nature towards the obtaining of the drink and the intake of the same. To read more click here: Suzanne Collins. When the person reaches this point it is because addiction is part of his life and now will be very difficult that this leaves it unless by family members and professionals help you can move away from the substance that is addicted. Many times it is possible to leave the addiction with much effort, with constancy and with support, but usually with support and professional assistance you get only this possibility, because while the alcoholic tries to it countless times, its intentions to leave are fruitless and turns to drink, entering into an escalation of symptoms concomitant with hostile towards his life, towards its environment, feelings and feeling increasingly weaker in order to stop drinking. Therefore it is extremely important role the family plays in terms of containment and support of the alcoholic, as well as requirement to seek help. I say this because there is a widespread concept and that it is also rooted in the somewhat mythical idea that the alcoholic voluntarily must stop drinking and that if it does not is because you don’t want to; in any way so, who is addicted to alcohol has developed a dependence on both mental and physical to alcohol, so without professional help, it is very difficult not to say impossible to stop drinking; also added to this than alcohol has undermined its forces, its will, their self-esteem, so ask him to do something that only not can do, require and does not give you the support and containment so that you can really work on their recovery and overcome alcohol, is leave it just to continue doing what they do can be that it is still trapped in networks invisible of his addiction which inevitably will lead to cirrhosismadness or death; and on the road as if narrated at the beginning in this history of polvorita former boxer, you will lose their property, your own family, your family of origin, friends and anyone that could somehow have influenced help you stay away from alcohol. Lic.

Unifiance Find

Almost wherever we seek a foundation we have the tendency to come to perfumeries or department stores and few are the times that we decided to go to an online pharmacy to purchase our base. Without detracting from any kind of basis, the truth is that these bases are the great unknown of the market although on the one hand it is understandable, not usually make too much use of advertising (ever Yes) and to be honest also have their shortcomings but also its virtues. The most sensitive skins in these bases are a great ally, usually tend to be bases hypoallergenic, fragrance free, furthermore the oily skin will also find bases suitable to many databases perfumery most are usually not comedogenicas and free of oils. Among pharmacy makeup bases are mostly lines focused on sensitive as La Roche Posay, Avene, Uriage, Bioderma skins in general not only is a simple base, they also include its lines of makeup for different types of skin. For those who want to discover new brands, new bases or you simply want to learn a little more about this type of products I leave with my small selection of bases of make-up of Pharmacy: La Roche Posay is one of the brands where we find greater variety of bases, both in shades and lines specific to each type of skin, with matte or satin finish. Base I use this brand is Unifiance for dry and sensitive skin (also find Unifiance for oily skin) and contains hyaluronic acid, I really like his power by hiding and the effect that leaves the skin. It has variety of hues to be pharmacy but not reached the variety that we could find in any make-up perfumery.

By the way, also has a line for intolerant skins call Toleriane fluid format or compact. The line from Avene Couvrance is one which has variety of tones, more specifically 5 tones both for its version compact for its fluid version, all specific for sensitive skins. If well the fluid covers quite the truth is that the compact covers a lot in addition to note that protective effect on the face. The only downside I’ve found is that the fluid version the lighter tone noticed a somewhat Orange tone that just do not convince me.

Business Spain Peru

AEMME supports processes of internationalization of products and/or services to micro-enterprises in this occasion were evaluated the existing business opportunities between the two countries and the different possibilities and existing mechanisms were to establish processes of internationalization of products and/or services between Spain and Peru. In AEMME – Association Spanish multi-sector micro, we bet on internationalization. We know that you can have very positive consequences for the company, if it is known to develop in an organized manner. Our international vision, we launch a cycle of free informative sessions so that the employer can reflect. We want to be the Strategic Partner of our partners, since we have a network of strategic partners and their contacts, with the intention of starting an active prospecting for business people-centred and the ability to establish relationships of confidence, said Victor Delgado, President of AEMME. In this first virtual meeting all the objectives were covered raised, being the first of other meetings already requested own attendees over the course of this session. Rommy Montalvan, as Adviser of internationalization of AEMME moderated the interventions of the numerous and lively participants from both sides of the Atlantic and presented the Iberolab as program support project.

From Peru, and as organizing part of the meeting participated Henry Garcia, President of CAPEN, the Peruvian Business Chamber representing small business, corporations and associations Peruvian and foreign. On behalf of the public administration of Peru, they could count on the collaboration of Fernando Barraza Dorador, specialist in management Publica.con company GobConsult. Among the Peruvian businessmen were, angela Gamarra company San Roque, Jose Antonio Santander de Wiznit, Gisella mooring of Gamarra Group and Andres Miguel Ponce by presenting a plan of entrepreneurs of the telecommunications sector, among others. By Spanish side was also attended by entrepreneurs from different sectors, among those who were Juan Jose Dominguez of Daedalus consultants, Luis Martinez of Tecnos-is, which develops application software at a distance, Silvia Rodriguez, de Asesoria Juridica y Pilar Esteban de Markarte, agency marketing and communication that supports SMEs and micro-enterprises in its strategic plan for internationalization both in Spain. Attendees, as well as the organizers of the event from AEMME closed this virtual meeting with great satisfaction by the experience and prepared to deal with new encounters to come to Spanish and Peruvian businessmen of more straightforward, accessible and productive. On 10 a new international virtual meeting will be held to continue these sessions. You can see the video of the Virtual day of internationalization: business opportunities between Peru and Spain here more informacion:aemme (Spanish Multisectorial Association of microenterprise) C /. Ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, MadridTels.: 917521036 / 650291524Fax: 915283987Email:: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible for communication.

Three Main Ways

Three main ways of generating their own income. Like normal people that we are, we are always looking for ways to increase our revenue at the same time that we enjoy more free time. The thought of having financial freedom is our passion, consumes us night and day. Driven by this desire we do, we buy, we investigate the latest fashion in business opportunities, etc, etc, safe network know that I mean, true?, but in the process many spend lot of money, time, energies and we do not earn any money, the only thing that remains for us is more information in our heads. The problem is that many of us want to make money too fast (and there is nothing wrong with that in itself same) we carry out several projects at the same time we lose focus on the road, and easily distracted. We are skilled researching on the internet, buying ebooks and books on paper and reading them, collecting information free of the network, and many things more, however when it comes the time, when there is economic urgencies, we Note that in real life everything that we did not help us in anything, produces no money at the time, and us minimim even more.

Here are therefore, the 3 main solutions to generate your own income as soon as possible and avoid so keep turning and returning about the same: 1 – thinks there’s money inside you, inside of you waiting to come out, forget that the money is offshore. Do starting from this thought acts, get something using things you already have, on this point an example that I really like: make money writing, not I say that can not do it!, is easier than you think, tell me, you need to perform this activity?, a pen, a paper and what you already know, difficult?, in any way, if nobody do so outside, and let me tell you that there are people who live very well for this activity. 2 We saw that there is money in its interior, now think of how you will pull it out; Maybe you write, you are going to invent something, etc etc, think, tracese an objective very specific, make plans to achieve this and get in action. 3. Always think based on passive income and thus choose their activity and how it will be carried. These 3 ideas will transform your financial life and your whole life. My dear reader, increase their income at the same time increasing your leisure time is not difficult, just deciding to do so, and lancese action, the fruits that will reap will be very, very large, not only will reap more money, if not a better life for you and your family deserve it, do it once and for all. Count with me in everything that East at my fingertips. Hits on the author: Juan Carlos Rivas Kruger is independent of themes of self-help writer.

Miguel Rios Goodbye

Bye Bye rivers Rock until the end.Miguel Rios says farewell to Sevilla on 17 September this is the name of the last grand tour of the granadino Miguel Rios, which aims to go dismissing a public which, generation after generation, has a good handful of years siguendole. A tour that will visit cities like Merida, Zaragoza, Logrono and Valladolid, after spending in 2010 by Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, A Coruna and Santander, where the audience enjoyed and vibrated with the King of rock and roll in his new career. The Seville concert will take place at the Auditorio Rocio Jurado, on the island of la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Seville. This tour before coming to Seville will also go through cities like Merida, Zaragoza, Logrono, Puertollano, Valladolid, Murcia, Teruel, Gijon, Huesca and Tarragona. Concert of the Virgin of the Sea Coral in dahlias news of dahlias tribute to Labordeta in day of Aragon: Labordeta classic the Chief processions Easter week in Zaragoza 2011 Rey Mysterio is not announced for the tour RAW in Mexico truths as mouth music temples and pen of the singer and the best musical pairs women’s History Museum of fine arts offers a stroll through the myth and the reality the Museum of fine arts offers a stroll through the myth and reality to Hotel Monte Triana review exclusive Cassette / Antonio Rios Amor Amor (Los Reyes Video: Yotuel Ft Tego Calderon Rock & Roll with flip-flops

Social Security

Obligations of the self-employed either industrial, merchant, or professional, the individual entrepreneur is obliged to contribute to Social security through the special scheme for self-employed workers. Certain liberal professions is exempted from the payment of this quotation, when his college or professional association guarantee this health care coverage through an agreement with the Social Security. The Social security contribution is set according to bases that the Ministry of finance publishes each year. > offers on the topic.. The worker must pay a monthly fee, amount which varies according to the chosen basis. Thus, the higher the basis, more will increase the quota, which will also affect the volume of coverage that offers Social Security sickness, incapacity for work and retirement. If you decide by the form of limited company, there are basically 2 options; 1 Constitute oneself the limited company.

2 Buy a previously formed limited partnership; There are several companies and professional firms of lawyers and economists specialising in the sale of companies already formed: for example: each of the above options has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on our particular needs, amount of available time and desire, opt for one or the other option: but broadly speaking, will be always more economical to directly incorporate the company, but on the other hand, buy it now constituted has a number of important advantages that we will detail later. Option 1; Constitute ourselves the society: in such a case, these are the steps we need to take: 1.-request before the Central mercantile registry, the corporate name, (requested 3 names), after 15 days of waiting, there are 2 possibilities:-the Central mercantile registry accepts one of the three denomination that Ud has requested. -the Central mercantile registry denied the 3 requested designations. Such granting or denial will arrive you is: * by certified mail * IM * mail c.o.d. * consult the central mercantile registration page: 2.-deposit of the Social Capital in a Bank (legal minimum required 3.006,00, ) and such capital contribution certificate request, contributing to the Bank the certificate sent by the Central mercantile registry in order to open a company account in Constitution..

Whole Number

Whole number for pieces Of the openings of a broken heart sounds propagandas of a soul that, fragile and to the soil, it does not obtain to echo its moans in the chest of that, made rock, the enchantment desnudou. this heart, fallen, feeling that everything is losing the color, to see the life draining itself of a body that fissurado, goes losing the stimulatons. In this esvair itself, it feels envergar of the beam, for the weight of the emptiness that embaa the feelings, and then, esbraveja entoando the devolution of the seiva and the breath. To reconstruct heart that was virgin and now lacrima because it broke somebody it, is task that, the time can stone the fragmentos, irrigate the bond and only restitute the vio. Therefore it, the time is, that conducts the hour and clareia the dawn I recommence of it. Steve Blank understands that this is vital information. The steps of the cycle of the life do not open hand of breaching what it is virgin, to mix what he is pure, to break what he is entire and to multiply what is only; trying to justify that she is necessary to perfect to ripen. As each being alone if becomes whole number for piece junction, each one is destined to the search of its essence. The risk is: in the anxiety to compose what it lacks to it, conclusions make ilusrias it to force the rabbet of apparent components that, when they seem to have done the harmony of two in one, are broken out extracting the nectar and degnerating the honey that the mass of cells waits to receive.

E in this incases and dislocates, the heart that searchs the resetting goes crostando itself and drying up the source that drips regeneration. It is the end? Not yet! Therefore ' ' destino' ' it made the incomplete and devoid being; nobody did not isentou to go to the hunting of its to inquire itself; it put in each one the necessity of its rabbet, such which the concavous fight for its convex one. in this to refer to the days, for not yet being the end, the heart if chooses publisher of clicar and to turn the page, and one more time, covers its guidelines with the apelos of the feelings, without giving heard to the ditames of the reason. There then

Human Being

The human being is the workmanship cousin of God. None of the other creatures if equals the man, so great is its dignity. None another being was endowed with soul, where they are our freedom, our intelligence, our will, our capacity to love. In virtue to be the only creatures ' ' animadas' ' (it livens up: soul in Latin), we are also the only ones to who God grants the salvation; first and intrinsic vocation of the man and the woman. We were for love who God sent its only true Son, who is God as and with the Father to die for our sins. God if made sin for our cause, in says So Paulo to them.

How wonderful mystery! The proper God, in its onipotncia, to assume the poor condition exactly human being, humiliating itself, and to die in the horrible sacrifice de a Cruz, way the humilhaes and sufferings; accepting everything this without at least pronouncing a word of hatred, everything this for love me and you. Jesus Christ, who is God, when assuming our condition human being, raised it; he became it worthy of to participate of the incommensurable conviviality the holy ghost, opened us the doors of the Salvation. She was necessary that God if made man as we, so that we in them became ' ' deuses' ' , in the direction of that when we will be with It, we will be also n? It, and with it will be ' ' deuses' '. is necessary also that everything this if becomes gift each time that the Missa Saint is celebrated. Unhappyly, we do not give value to this. He seems that we ignore the sacrifice of Christ. He is as if we were those people who caoavam of Christ while it was dying, nailed in the Cross. We have an immense value: we cost the Blood of Christ, the blood of the proper God, spilled in the cross.

He does not have bigger honor in this land. Day after day, we see the degradation of the human being. We see the people if delivering to the mundane pleasures, that leave a tragic emptiness spiritual, and alone they harm in them. We see making them or leaving to make with them, things that do not correspond to our dignity. We see participating them of walks, manifestations and movements that they are a shame. We see them fighting for ideals, being enslaved of other people’s ideologies to the Divine Truth, and so on. We are valid the Blood of Christ! We are better and more important that everything this! We are children of God! We have a God, a loving father who loves in them more than everything, to this is enough in them here in this world. We do not need nothing more.

The Aristotelian

For the necessity logical not to exist outside of the being thing some, that does not belong the reality, is not possible to find half some, so that it has the multiplication of the beings, or same the distinction between the beings, therefore Parmnides the being is equal and only in all its aspects. The third consequence is the truth. Parmnides the being is truth and thought, therefore the thought is the same that the being. The thought, therefore, is identified with the proper one object of the thought. is not possible to think of different form, for what it are of the being nothing exists that can be called Real.

According to Parmnides, if the thought and the truth are real things, breaking itself of the premise of that not-to be it is not, but everything is to be, therefore, truth and thought are the same that the being. Finally the being or the reality in its nature is fully perfect. The being possesss in itself of invariant and indestructible form all the things of the reality, and if it is thus, possesss all the perfeies. The cosmos for Parmnides is material, extensive, and is the only, perpetual and also immovable being. The being is joins all and, in which not it is possible generation, nor movement some neither multiplicity. The data of the directions are mere illusions under the perspective of science, not obstante to be useful in the daily life. The Aristotelian solution for the aporia of Heraclitus and Parmnides For Aristotle, all the things are in power and act.

Some thing in power, it always tends to be another one, as the seed that potentially, is a tree. When some thing is in act, is carried through in its nature, as for example, the tree that is seed in the power state. It writes Aristotle in book V of Metaphysics: ' ' Power means the beginning of the movement or of the existing change in some existing thing in some distinct thing of the changed thing, or in it while another one.

DOI Paulo

Flix Maier systematic Acampanha of defamation that suffers to the colonel Carlos AlbertoBrilhante Ustra since the miditico show from lies promoted pelaantiga petista member of the house of representatives Beth Mendes, in 1985, sends algumasperguntas: – Why Ustra colonel so is hated by the terrorists and ' ' militantes' ' of left? – By that Ustra colonel is submitted to the public torture, almost quediariamente, together with its family, in revanchistas articles, publicadosem reviewed and periodicals, having that to defend itself in some processes, that oqualificam of ' ' torturador' ' in the period where she commanded the DOI/CODI/IIExrcito, in So Paulo, of 29/09/1970 the 23/01/1974? – For that the terrorists of the Red Brigades, of Italy, and osterroristas of the Baader-Meinhof, of Germany, had been for the chain, whereas the Brazilian terrorists receive high indemnities emdinheiro, some millionaire? – For that the old terrorist pair Tarso ' ' Bria' ' Genro and Paulo' ' Torquemada' ' Vannuchi if pledged in such a way in modifying the Law of the Amnesty, in way that but the military and you police of the Forces of Security, tachados of ' ' torturadores' ' , they are imprisoned, at the same time where osassassinos ' ' terroristas' ' of left they are saved, as wants ofamigerado PNDH-3? ODOI/CODI of old II the Army (current southeastern Military Command) foicriado in 1970, substitution to the old Oban (Bandeirantes Operation). In the city of So Paulo the organizations were congregated terrorist chamadasde ' ' Groups of Fogo' ' , that they executed violent, matandoinocentes actions armed, assaulting quartis in search of weapons and stealing banks, car-forts, supermarkets and houses d' weapons. Although the efforts doento head of the Oban, Major Waldir Rabbit, and of the head of the So Paulo DOPS, commission agent Sergio Paranhos Fleury, the terrorist actions were increasing. To the end of the command of Ustra in the DOI/CODI, the terrorist groups tinhamsido wasted and many of its integrant ones they had been eliminadosfisicamente.

Christmas Decoration For The Children

The activities that we propose to them for these Christmases are simple and they cheer the life to us all. The Christmas spirit makes us be more united and nearer the others. He has who says that in Christmas we return to be like the children: good of heart, deluded, and with many desire to play, to draw, to paint, to sing But what he desires more to the children in these celebrations, he is to decorate the corridors, the hall, and the rooms of his houses. What seems to them if we began knowing some meaning the Christmas adornments? We begin by the doors of the houses. It is common that we find in many doors, a crown of Christmas with figures of Noel papa, imitations of pine branches, murdagos (plants with leaves of tips and red fruits that, say! , it brings good luck), small balls of colors, bells, bows, etc. Then this adornment symbolizes the hope. The windows also are adorned during the celebrations of Christmas. It is possible to be hung drawings colored by the children, to do drawings with groups using foam that imitates the snow, and it is possible to be still hung plastic adornments that can be encuentrar in all the supermarkets.

To adorn the window of our houses, and so it is and how it is, is a form to communicate to the others that in this house a family are who lives with hope to construct a world better. The Christmas tree In many houses is the main adornment. You want to mount some? We have some advice: – It also reunites to your children and some nearer friendly of them, and begins to mount the tree in a definitive place. It chooses an pleasant place, that has an electrical plug close. – It abra and it stretches all the branches by far well-taken care of.


The recycling appeared as a way of if to reintroduce in the system has broken of the substance and energy that if garbage would become. According to some specialists in the subject, the recycling possesss some advantages, and the greaters of them are: minimizao of the use of natural sources, that many times are not renewed and reduction of the amount of residues. In the half-environment the recycling can reduce the accumulation of garbage and the production of new materials, as it is the case of the paper, that being recycled it prevents the cut of more trees, the aggressions to the ground, air and water, and the emissions of gases as the carbonic gas. Economically speaking, the recycling contributes for the rational use of natural resources and the reaproveitamento of materials. In the social scope, the recycling does not provide only better quality of life, through the ambient improvements, as well as generates ranks of work and income for the people poor. So that the recycling is placed in practical, the initiative has that to come, first, of house.

To keep supermarket packings, and to separate the garbage, are attitudes that all can take. She happens that many people do not have notion of how much these practical are important. In France and Germany, the private initiative is in charge it garbage. Manufacturers of packings are responsible for the destination of the garbage, and the consumer also needs to make its part. To buy a new stack, for example, she is necessary to deliver the used one. The implantation of recycling plant and compostagem of garbage, also can solve the problem, beyond bringing benefits to the community, as the preservation of the natural resources and the contribution of the formation of an ecological conscience. Valley to stand out that if the people will not have conscience and will not be informed of the importance of if making the recycling of the garbage, it will not be possible that this system, that it aims at to diminish the production of residues and to collaborate with the support, either placed in practical.


Analysis on the text: ' ' PATIENCE: TWO DOSES, PLEASE! ' ' In accordance with the reality where we live few is the times that we stop to give attention to the being most important on the land: each individual in particular, that is, ' ' EU' '. ' ' You already saw somebody to arrive in the pharmacy or in the supermarket and to ask for how much costs a dose of patience? if the patience if transformed into a for sale product in the commerce? Ah! Good part of the wage in this merchandise, so rare would have as much people spending nowadays. For very little, the madame goes down of the jump and untied palavres and berros that it takes off I know there of where. Almost without reason, the held good executive forgets the words noble and adopts a vocabulary extremely chulo. ' ' cavalheiro' ' , then? That one that when it is in the transit is changedded into a coarse one without tamanho.' ' Therefore it is, this way where we reveal what we are not, but what really it disturbs in them, for the fact not to obtain to control our acts, our fidgets It is, it seems that everything is reason estresse for it and the irritation. The children speak excessively, the aged ones are very slow, the voice of the teacher are a chatice, the head bother, the wife demand excessively, the husband if he strengthens little, the job is a torture, in would pizzaria has much people, in the snack bar has little, to take a walk does not have favour. In the street it has much racket, inside of house silence is irritating. At last, we are without tranquillity, patience, peace. this would have to be happening? I believe that not! But what it makes in them to think about being different of that they do not have patience, if the least we obtain concentrating in them in a text when we are attracted by it, for example, you who are at this moment reading what I wrote, with certainty you must be to think about other things, or you are deceived? I wait that yes! The patience is in lack in the market and, for what if it can see, the synthetic serenity of the calmantes comes taking account.


surely sometimes they have been asked Because the life is thus? and many answers go to their head, but it is only necessary to know how to live to the rate of the life, although he is a little difficult so that every day has its worse moment, but never we will be able to live to Ritmo on vida without to have known Christ. When I say to live to the rate of the life it is not to live what the life gives you if not to know as to face them it is like having the keys of each padlock if it appears to you a problem you have the solution. That is to live to the rate of the life. that when you have a problem you face it and you solve it, and if you say – this problem does not have solution is not certain, it is as if a padlock would not have its key, if it is certain some times exacamente we exacamente do not know the solution of a problem, but with the help of Christ everything is possible, so that perhaps God put to him limits the faith. The bible says that if tuvieramos faith as a granite of mostasa a mountain can be moved.

So if we have faith to think that a problem can be solved that thus sera! and when you make that entenderas that are to live to the rate of the life and viviras with a total life and safe, there are many classes of life but this is best, the best one than the life with fame, better than the life with money, better than the life with being able, better than all so that here there is peace. If you want to live to the rate of the life you must know Christ so that Christ loves to you, who but can make to gain your love? perhaps it must die again by your malda? there, if your you look for of, it waited for with the open arms and viviras to you to the rate of the life. I hope that to this it arrives you article at the heart, I did because it with that intention.

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