Potential Customers

Our consulting team has been developing new elements that allow to implement, in a much more effective way, the concept of centralization on the client and generate positive experiences for current, and potential customers in a much more clear and effective way for enterprises that wish to take advantage of these concepts. We have developed […]

The Best

Now I Nabucodonosor praise, engrandezco and glorify the King of the sky, because all works are true, and his right ways; and he can humiliate to whom they walk with pride. Memory queCaminaba with wisdom and me it lead very well in all subjects. BUT by weakness and lack of communion with the God of […]


The bridge is turned! He had not finished return me, when I already rushing, me rushing and was already torn and threading in sharp pebbles that I had always watched so peacefully from fast water. Frank Kafka. (Czech Republic. Prague, 1912) excerpt of the story El Puente. About the thin line of absurdity and fantasy. […]

Woman Learns

The majority of the creators Web has a preoccupation: to attract every day new visitors. The amount of exhibition that has a page determines the success of the same and as much generates economic benefits for the capital of the company or owner of the page Web, like for the prestige that this obtains in […]


In both cases the reactions have been very mixed and cannot conceal the fact that this institution relationship with God has a very particular stamp, product of a historical past that leaves too much room for doubt. In the case of buses left aside the fact that the Word probably carries a certain respect to […]

Missiology 53

Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: then when the entire Church looks especially in the visible external, institutional profile taken by men, which monitor to ensure compliance, the perfect organization. An image a bit triumphalist, too surrounded by honour and glory, and large demonstrations is often given. And then run the risk of saying, so […]

Eduardo Blanco

You will not find anything to do and is not negative parts. Then, once you already know what it is, go ahead. Finally the part most important, only subtracts give beginning to the new venture. But it must begin now, now, now is the time. Many times expected the propitious moment to carry out this […]