He can yourself all be perceived that in the text, it it is moved by the hatred, the anger, the wounded pride. Its actions during the part are of tremendous drama moved for the anguish, for its dissimulation in the part where it orders to call Jason to ask for excuses and to show it […]

The Eye

Gallegos, man first walked with a conscience rudimentary only allowing known matter; then consciousness evolved and allowed him to learn nature; after thousands of years the language is acquired and this gave him access to know the culture; He says that now man requires a consciousness that you can know the spirit. Dr. Gallegos says […]

UEFA European Championship

It is no longer a holder. Lacks what always defined him, the goal, so the technician from Spain, Vicente de el Bosque, has stopped considering the front center of Spain. Convened in 13 of the 14 meetings of the selection since the end of the South Africa World Cup – another not went for injury-Fernando […]

Video Manager

It’s a platform that combines different technologies providing a comprehensive solution and turnkey to distribute multimedia content at much lower costs (up to 97%), and deadlines for making available much smaller than current solutions. It additionally offers a content protection system and various tools for the generation of income for the creator and distributor of […]

Marcelo Yuka

He would have been trained? Elevator goes up, elevator goes down and nothing of the platform to arrive next to the sidewalk. Some look in the clock and veem that as a delay in so agitated urban life. The commitments in the few twenty and four hours offered for Cronos are many, but it in […]

Coke System

High oven this term is used to designate a facility intended for the production of large quantities of iron (cast iron) in the order of 20 million tonnes per year, the same as this constituted fundamentally by a predominant tubular element of an approximate height of 30 m, which is the oven properly said, are […]


Not that the professors of do not like there to be professors. Get all the facts and insights with Interstellar, another great source of information. They like. But he is not more being possible. There I asked for my friend if the friend of it spoke of because of the professors to be there making […]

Rio Grande

In 2008 Law 11738 was sancionada that it establishes the wage floor of the professors in R$ 950,00. According to this Law, the States and cities would have until 1 of January of 2010 to start to pay the minimum remuneration to the professors of basic education that worked 40 weekly hours and had complete […]