Who knew how I have to see me. Tucked into a box path of a museum I I’ve been one of the largest mammals in the history of our planet. They say that about 3,700 years ago I desapareci. Not for a single reason, but rather by an accumulation of circumstances, like almost everything in […]

AOM Advantages

Decision diagram: is a graph showing the procedures or methods required for the development of a project or process and possible alternatives to reach its culmination. It is very useful for process design because it shows possible contingencies that may appear on its realization. Used when little information is available or the environment is very […]

Free Products

Its effects but remarkable they are an improvement in the endurance (when increasing the respiratory resistance), pulmonary power, and general well-being. Basically the trainer which does is to reproduce the effects of a training in height, but with the beauty of being able to train at any time in any place and. For this respiratory […]

Chemical Products

These residues although to represent a small parcel of the solid residues they are composed for different fractions generated in the establishment of greets being these products chemical, toxic and material dangerous being solvent, quimioterapicos they, photographic chemical products, formoldeido, radionucleideos, mercury (BRAZIL, 2001). The collect of the necessary hospital garbage to be made before […]

Internet Products

Ease of purchase through the online store. Today the Internet has entered our everyday life, becoming one of its usual components – and with it came the tradition and make purchases online. Internet is useful not only to search for the information, but can now perform many of the actual purchase – for example, get […]


Its structure allows the visitor, is expert or in the thematic one that we propose, not to find, of intuitive way, the data that need. In green tone olive, as it could not be of another form, the Web differentiates different sections: Olive (It trims off lower branches of), in that we can find classifications […]