The Knowledge

Regarding this Hogart it describes: ' ' For the scholars that they appraise the failure of the individuals, the cultural privation would be the desencadeante cause of the pertaining to school difficulties, had these pupils not to be structuralized in its familiar seio the cognition necessary well to develop mathematical and linguistic abilities. How much […]

Knowledge Quality Determination

Education, of course, two-way process. Assimilation of knowledge depends both on the student and the teacher. But to a greater extent the quality of knowledge – the result of teacher professional approach. Louis Kreisberg is often quoted on this topic. From the art of teaching depends Of course, not all but many. You'd think if […]

Chemical Products

These residues although to represent a small parcel of the solid residues they are composed for different fractions generated in the establishment of greets being these products chemical, toxic and material dangerous being solvent, quimioterapicos they, photographic chemical products, formoldeido, radionucleideos, mercury (BRAZIL, 2001). The collect of the necessary hospital garbage to be made before […]


Very often people think that course in order – it is destiny, of course, dishonest and lazy scholars, whose “father-mother’s” funding can buy any higher education. This is confirmed by the truth only in ten percent of such cases. No doubt, there are students. However, reality proves that this is a distinct minority among those […]


For the past four months as there was no desire and ability to understand what was happening to me. My executive director, part-woman, four months working in fish-saw. – Sasha, you are completely abandoned the site. It wrong. Need to write an article, you need to update it. Must … must … must … What […]

Real One

Principles are: ' ' Some ideas/certainties/formularizations They are the start, the starting point of the actions. But they had not appeared first after the practical one. In contrast, they already are the result of practical carried through ' ' (Dossier MST School – Documents and Studies 1990-2001. pg.60). The philosophical and pedagogical principles, say respect […]