Goals That Are Manifested Faster

Most people have desires, longings and purposes to fulfil, but they have not been able to bring that information to establish a clear goal and a road or compliance strategies, then the probability of materialisation is low. Indeed life program, nothing happens by chance or by luck, people we see happy is because as well […]


If you really want to be reconciled with your ex, you have to do a little introspection. You must be completely honest with yourself. You must decide if it will be reconciled with your ex make you happy really, and you will not end up in the same place that, for starters, had caused the […]

Installed Rowa

Pharmacies that automate your warehouse with Rowa systems continues to grow: the number of robots installed during the month of October was higher than 14 units each week, 3 facilities daily, surpassing the average of March which was in 12 units per week. The increase in sales is due to the success of the new […]


We have resentment when we experience pain, in the present, by a past experience. The memory of this past experience (re-sentir) becomes again and again, present since persist the feelings that we caused such experience; in other words, to resentment we associate it with painful experiences that we have not overcome literally, resentment keeps us […]