The Satan have implanted in the people this dominador so that they do not know the truth, therefore to know themselves will be free. Jesus said: ' ' You will know the truth and the truth you libertar' '. The best form of if dominating somebody are to keep it in the ignorance. Many religions […]

The Man

One lady said: – It must be an angel! That nothing parents of this GOD not visit, WHERE HE ONLY HAS CORRUPT AND THIEF. He is bad to appear angel, only has outlaw here. One lady of the way of the multitude remembered to all: He saw what JESUS spoke: I CAME TO THE SICK […]

United Nations

The Statute of the Aged one presents three society without pointing the reduction of the inaqualities between them. The first one, the society of the old ones with providence, generation of the social insurances; second, of the aged ones with social assistance, meeting supported in the concept of public politics directed toward the attendance to […]