Director General

I also found a wonderful news, "best professional journal, the marketing" recognized "Marketing PRO. Classically, I represented a potential new user of the brand of the magazine "Marketing PRO in the product category of specialized publications for marketers had not yet decided, with little awareness of the brand and in need of a consultant in […]

Tuning And Direction

What is tuning? In order to find an answer to this question should apply to the dictionary, such as Wikipedia. And that's what it says: 'Tuning (English tune – tune) – refinement car outside the manufacturer's in order to give him individual features or improve performance. " Currently, car tuning, more and more flows into […]


However, unlike women, men are welcome present is not looking at them, and on the inner filling. From the ancient times, a man associated with such inherent qualities as rigor, courage and restraint in showing their emotions and feelings. Of course, certain stereotypes in the modern world have suffered destructive "fiasco" and to replace the […]

Translation Of Documents

To date, almost impossible to do without a foreign language. A lot of people at one time in my life met these challenges – whether it is communicating with foreigners in the street, or the translation of scientific work, or very important document. Many consider this issue as an obstacle to overcome is to be […]

Creativity Services

The majority – good businessmen who know a lot about business, but for our field workers need more – the creativity and ability to find unusual solutions to everyday situations many other qualities. How much will it cost the services of professional agencies? Today the market is event-service moves to a new step in its […]

Filing A Claim

First, it should be understood, justified if your requirements are, in fact sometimes the non-specialist some of the things to be fair with the "consumer" point of view, but the law says otherwise. Secondly, it is necessary to evaluate all your existing evidence of a breach of your rights – documents, witness statements, etc. Third, […]