Russian Products

Certification Scheme Scheme certification – ie certain order of certification and issuance of certificate of conformity. Figure 1 – under this scheme will only test products in an accredited laboratory type, ie, a typical sample from shipments. It applies to products of complex design. Figure 1 is intended for limited issue of domestic products and […]

Mass Production

As told Vedomosti representative of AvtoVAZ, Igor Burenkov, after the start of the rally on the hotline of the company inundated with calls from those who buy the same car. The plant responded to the demand and decided in November to begin limited production Lada Kalina Sport the colors of ripe lemon. Until the end […]

Filing A Claim

First, it should be understood, justified if your requirements are, in fact sometimes the non-specialist some of the things to be fair with the "consumer" point of view, but the law says otherwise. Secondly, it is necessary to evaluate all your existing evidence of a breach of your rights – documents, witness statements, etc. Third, […]

Ministry Taxi

My husband 'black taxi driver,' I completely agree with him that he is not on the state, and the firm is "fish is!" With the so-called 'black' taxi drivers increase the fighting in Mariupol. It is those drivers who carry passengers without a license Companies and Information Services-institutionalized "fish is"! In traffic police say they […]