Visits Page

But most importantly, know-how of the company – of course the video of each (!) Visits. Recording starts when the call to the page or site, see "walk" the mouse cursor on the zones page, scrolling, mouse clicks, typing, etc. Ie we monitor the conduct of any visitor to our site. It's a sea of […]

Safe Ebay

To carry out purchases in the United States via Internet is a new form to make businesses. Many opportunities exist for those who want to find something and for those who they look for to be accustomed to a new style of purchase and sale. You already buy in you tend online of EUA? Whatever […]


Currently, have Internet and phone has become a need for essential for the majority of people, companies and institutions, due to the growing living permanently connected and reachable, importance and great changes in traditional schemes of doing things that the Internet and social networks are driving. There are various technologies for Internet and phone, as […]