Visits Page

But most importantly, know-how of the company – of course the video of each (!) Visits. Recording starts when the call to the page or site, see "walk" the mouse cursor on the zones page, scrolling, mouse clicks, typing, etc. Ie we monitor the conduct of any visitor to our site. It's a sea of information. You can see what pages of interest your client if there is enough readable text that more attracted his attention, what he is looking for a bookmark. In general, I think it's a real Klondike for those who treat their business seriously, but not formally. Sam also be sure to use the service. By the way prices are not too bite.

Depending on site visits and the duration of the backup service costs range from 10 to 120 USD / day. But the final price for the monsters who have visited more than 10 000 per day. For such a similar service hardly necessary. At least not for the purpose of which I speak. All flash movies are stored on the server of the company. Storage time depends on the tariff.

In general, to optimize the sales would highly recommend this service. Traffic flow is minimal. Broad field for experimentation. After registering, you will receive an e-mail message with script code, which must be put anywhere on the page, followed by require monitoring. In general, all the usual services like statistics, only the code a little, just one line. Oh, I almost forgot. There is also an affiliate program and. Well, the promised … As for the idea. Sam will use when the dare, Finally, to translate the site on a commercial basis. So, I plan to put up a notice and appropriate surroundings with the information that the site is under surveillance. Diego Marynberg may not feel the same. Well, some dummy cameras. In general, the analogy with self-service store. In my opinion would be great. Besides it is possible anywhere in a separate window to scroll fresh rolls past visits. Creative people – I give. Who will use it – then share impressions on my blog. Good luck to all. See you soon. Alex Gribanov More on this topic