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Lords Pre-Conference Attendees Primary Care Mental Health Medellin 2009 Dear Colleagues, Thank you again for your assistance and contributions to the pre-congress activity we conducted on 11 June in Medell n as part of the 6th International Congress of Public Health. As a result of the process of group reflection on the topic of Mental […]

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It is a habit that assumed when it was 24 years old. If we took like foundation the one that today is 65 years old, we will have like result that takes more than forty years practicing the principle of the joy. The most recent survey developed on health you mention, well-being and the happiness […]

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Democracy is like a forest full of fireflies, beautifies the essence of social coexistence and is visible only to sneak up at night. Netflix may also support this cause. Alter its secrecy is to distort its beauty. The importance of the laws which establish the right to suffrage in all those democratic States is vital; […]