African Slaves

The origin of the African slaves in Sergipe For Hdila Maria Alves Dos Santos Santana and In the majority of the small captainships, as well as in Sergipe, does not have specific sources so that let us can deepen a study on the origin of the Africans who had arrived at the Sergipe; although let […]

Central Bank

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The dispute guarded, but exibicionista between Soviet Union and United States has beginning in some fields. Soon this dispute would gain body and if it would also make gift in the projects for the conquest of the space, earning the specific name of Space Race (WALNUT, 2005; COLORED PERSON, 2008). In the scope of this […]

Brazil Land

1 These regions is the ones that are part of the MIQCB and this movement recognizes these women as citizens politicians, and to the measure that had been growing together, in such a way economically, as politically, they had been forming cooperative, unions and associations. Today, beyond the search for the identity, for the free […]

How To Get A Manager

Nothing you must learn you the phrase everything that happens in my life is result of my actions or lack of actions of mine to become Manager. Then you must believe in it, so that whenever something good happens in your life give account that you have worked to get it and when something is […]

Aicas Love

Kallyandra was pretty I completely was gotten passionate by it, meanwhile the wise person who our love was impossible and it would not have no way of us to be together, a time that it still was a girl of thirteen years, while I had dezessete, I age four years older of what it. When […]