Direct Targeted Traffic

The issue of traffic – one of the most important for any webmaster and administrator of an Internet resource. Improved reference ranging – a way of improving position in search engines. There is a way to combine the solutions to these problems one stroke. If we recall how we can improve reference ranging, it will come to mind such techniques: 1. Registration in catalogs and ratings. 2. Link Exchange. 3.

Buying links. What are the disadvantages of these methods: 1. Targeted Traffic with directory is minimal and the calculation can not be accepted. 2. The number of "white" directory is small, and "gray" – require placing a backward link. 3. Manual registration in the directories is time consuming, while automatic may be perceived by the search engines for "spamdeksing" 4. Link exchange is regarded negatively by search engines.

5. Buying links, in essence, a rental and can lead to entry site in the "ban list". But there's a way placement of relevant links to your site with topical resources and at the same time the organization targeted traffic to a website that has no negative sides, and is valid indefinitely for all of these advantages are absolutely free. This method is called "website promotion articles," On the Internet there are many resources that provide a free publication of your articles with placing them in a hyperlink to the site. Write an article on your site's content and place it on such resources. If an article from one resource to attract one visitor a day, hundreds of articles from hundreds of resources will result in a huge amount of targeted visitors to untwisted site, and this directional traffic will not cost a dime. When writing and placing articles necessary to comply with some rules that help to increase the efficiency of this method of promotion. The first and importantly, articles should be original, that is, the author and do not copy someone else's. Publish individual articles must not, while "syndicate articles" – several articles on various aspects of one topic. Articles should contain key words and phrases that match promoted by the resource. You need to create a high enough keyword density. In the article body must be placed 2 – 3 links to internal pages untwisted site, and the bottom footer or in the notes to the article – the link to the home page. Be aware that the link text (anchor text) should include keywords that match the keywords the page where the link leads. The contents of articles should not copy the contents of a website or blog, which she promotes as well as the largest Internet search engine Google can be punished for double content. Keep in mind that online articles are read not only people, but also search engines that take into account all these facts and assess them accordingly. Even if a specific article does not read a single person, it must be read crawlers. Using these simple techniques can achieve good results in promoting websites and articles to generate targeted website traffic, which will operate for a long time. Resources for free placement of articles