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Its effects but remarkable they are an improvement in the endurance (when increasing the respiratory resistance), pulmonary power, and general well-being. Basically the trainer which does is to reproduce the effects of a training in height, but with the beauty of being able to train at any time in any place and. For this respiratory training they are used you rule marked by the studies in universities. Benefits have been described from 90 second newspapers but most advisable they would be two sessions of 5 minutes to the day during the first weeks. A very good training is of two daily sessions of 10 minutes. Results, in two weeks already notice significant results, and in a month plenary sessions can be obtained to results. Characteristics of some of the trainers are: – So large and ideal slight weight to take it to all sides. They fit in the palm of the hand and weighs only a few grams.

They have been designed so that they are ergonomic, due to the varied uses that occur him, DES of the elite sportsmen, to occasional, singing, instrumentalist, asthmatic fans, etc. – Regulating universal of easy use to train at diverse levels of resistance from little to intense. Thus the consumer does not have the necessity to buy different potenciadores for different levels from resistance or specific markets (ex only sports, only music). In a single product some of them replace all these needs (others not). – Completely professional ergonomic silicone Fuze of high quality and duration. – Free Products of phamacists. – Some come with a thought box to maintain so much the hygiene as to be able to take the product in the bags of sport, purses, covers of instruments, etc. an example to observe of trainer of the breathing in our market is EOLOS.