Lack Of Direction

Exactly in the construction of a phrase we will be able to verify the existing gaps between words, or same between letters, beyond other spaces evidentes than exactly they send to the intention of the gap as meant clear, fomenting in the observer the search for the direction of the lack that has. In the […]


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Social Sciences

In the text ' ' ' ' objetividade' ' of the knowledge in sciences sociais' ' , Weber compares social sciences? including History and Economy with sciences of the nature in what it refers to the possibility of if making objective science. It does not have, second note of Conh (apud Weber, 2006), the objetividade […]

The Aristotelian

For the necessity logical not to exist outside of the being thing some, that does not belong the reality, is not possible to find half some, so that it has the multiplication of the beings, or same the distinction between the beings, therefore Parmnides the being is equal and only in all its aspects. The […]