He can yourself all be perceived that in the text, it it is moved by the hatred, the anger, the wounded pride. Its actions during the part are of tremendous drama moved for the anguish, for its dissimulation in the part where it orders to call Jason to ask for excuses and to show it […]

John Bristow

A soldier as investigators Galbraiths Holmes detective Cormoran is strike, an Afghanistan veteran, which does not really fit the ordinary investigator profile. Private how business runs at him much in the wrong direction. That will change with his new client John Bristow. This would like to clarify on the death of his adoptive sister and […]


With respect to the corpus, we analyze the workmanship of Infantile Literature theoretically pretty Girl of the ribbon bow, basing us on authors as Mussalim (2006), Orlandi (2002), Cavalcanti (2002), Aguiar (2001), Would make (2004) and Valley (2001). This work was elaborated aiming at to contribute for the reflection of as the book, of the […]