In both cases the reactions have been very mixed and cannot conceal the fact that this institution relationship with God has a very particular stamp, product of a historical past that leaves too much room for doubt. In the case of buses left aside the fact that the Word probably carries a certain respect to the reader who believe in God, no matter to what religion this belongs to the do not assert categorically that God does not exists, but using an expression which questioning rather than a fact, making use of the freedom that every human being has precisely on the basis of the free will that God himself gave to their children. The controversy and especially the reactions are interesting to analyze, especially because the said institution arrogates the right to have nothing less than a vicar of Christ. Who analyze the history of religious institutions which are called Christian, will soon realize that have just been them that in the course of historical events have shown great inflexibility and little respect by other beliefs. Already in the Bible, in the old testament, are heard in the mouth of God words that are difficult to understand for a person of this time. Leviticus, for example, reads God orders the conquest, looting and the killing of peoples enemies, immolations and animal sacrifices, stoning of women, blasphemous – the questionable law of poena talionis-saying does not comply to whom his commandments: bring upon you, the terror, the phthisis and fever, which abrasen you eyes and consume you life (Lv 2616). The following chapters and many other expressions put into mouth of God in the sacred book of Christianity are no more reassuring. If to this be added ostentatious ceremonies, lavish costumes, rituals, traditions, strict hierarchical organization and the precepts and dogma established by senior members of this institution, how would not be understandable that people of other faiths or atheists and freethinkers who don’t want to accept a God so cruel and bloodthirsty, doubt and be! ask if God really exists! Before such terror, enjoy life and not worry about is a less dangerous consequence in any case.