Missiology 53

Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: then when the entire Church looks especially in the visible external, institutional profile taken by men, which monitor to ensure compliance, the perfect organization. An image a bit triumphalist, too surrounded by honour and glory, and large demonstrations is often given. And then run the risk of saying, so large capacity of call we have, look at the Pope says: come to Roma youth and 2 000,000, and there are many people who stays only with that external device. And the Church is not about large majorities and large masses. The Church defines himself as sign and instrument, and the sign or sacrament, is always something minority in relation to reality.

The Church will always be a little bit of the world. When the Church becomes all of humanity, it is no longer sign; then ended the existence of the Church as visibility. And entered in another field, who says Scripture: when everything is already God, everything in everything, and the son put his feet, his Kingdom reached a new era or church, triumphantly, glorious, that is no longer a church of sinners. But while a church on Earth, it will always be sign, i.e. we will always be the minority. Do not be discouraged because if they see that the Church is still small. But not discouraged, not mean stay indifferent or shrugging. Because if you do not want the Church to be big, because you don’t know what is the Church.

Frequently a very triumphalist image occurs then as it is today. Same Mariology is explained and explained before much, as a story of privileges, exclusives, and their language became apologetic, ethical anti, against those who did not accept fully the orthodoxy and compliance to the defined dogmas. And then the hierarchy that has that mentality, or that training is really vigilant. It is that lao which means the Episcopo word in Greek means vigilant.