Eduardo Blanco

You will not find anything to do and is not negative parts. Then, once you already know what it is, go ahead. Finally the part most important, only subtracts give beginning to the new venture. But it must begin now, now, now is the time. Many times expected the propitious moment to carry out this or that thing.

But, the right moment, the right time, timely, advantageous moment may never come. If you wait to reach that moment you’ll see as time escapes and your venture is still putting up. The time is now the present moment is sometimes inadmissible, rough or unpleasant, but you know, it’s best to accept it, such and which is.Your moment is now, today, the present. The past or the future will not create your actions or your decisions. The past are memories of another time of other facts and the future are only promises or propositions. Anyway, the two are only futile illusions. The real, tangible, palpable thing is the present, today, the now that’s what you really have.

None of what you’ve done have done you out of the now. Don’t feel dejected, confused or indecisive. At the beginning we said that projects, the ventures, the challenges are there to take them, then take them. To you delays? There is nothing worse than uncertainty. Subtracts I finally just tell you that just taking your venture forward you will know the truth. There is another way, more than they have in a hundred different ways. For you, there is only your way the wise man is one who lives acting, not thinking about acting or what will happen when he acts.Carlos Castaneda. Pursue with enthusiasm, with joy, with energy, the near end: unique means of reaching an end more distant. Hebbel well, without a doubt, this is your moment and today is the day. A lot of luck. Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article