African Slaves

The origin of the African slaves in Sergipe For Hdila Maria Alves Dos Santos Santana and In the majority of the small captainships, as well as in Sergipe, does not have specific sources so that let us can deepen a study on the origin of the Africans who had arrived at the Sergipe; although let us know that these had come for the ports of the Bahia and Pernambuco. The capture happened in the interior of the African continent, after that they were brought for the point of embarkment in the coast. Demographic composition of the Slaves of Sergipe According to Origin and color (1785) AFRICAN Congo-Angola Angola: 197 the Congo: 2 Benguela: 6 Total 276 (34%) Coast of the gold Benin Gulf Mine: 67 Geg: 4 NATIONAL Creoles: 340 Mulatos: 144 Mestizos 33 Goats: 19 Total: 538 (66%) Source: ‘ ‘ Sergipe Del Rey. Population, Economy and sociedade’ ‘. Luiz Mott (1986: 143/144). As the majority of the sergipanos slaves vine of the Congo – Angola, however had the presence of Sudanese of the coast of the Guin Perceives that it was only in the start of century XIX that one was registered more significant number of slaves, what it makes in them to believe that was the phase of faster growth of the devices. In this exactly period is calculated that the slaves had arrived to more than represent 1/3 of the inhabitants of Sergipe. However this index of blacks in comparison to the free men was in a 20% band.