Real base, where the community human being lives, and plays the essential activities to its material survival and spiritual, the territory has unobserved and had past as immediate data, whose existence is accepted without quarrel. The territory is not a homogeneous being, with equality of conditions and potentialities in all the directions. We evidence this […]

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Residual or dynamic entries are those that are still generating after having done an initial work and that do not need 8 hours a day to keep generating our physical presence. This is what Robert Kiyosaki called passive income. The Internet has revolutionized the way of doing business, interact with the world, technology that we […]

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Contribution this if of to the measure that according to MILK (2003), ‘ ‘ the economic objective of the implementation of logistic reversa of after-I consume can be understood as the motivation for the attainment of financial results by means of economies gotten in the industrial operations, mainly for the raw material exploitation secondary, proceeding […]


The recycling appeared as a way of if to reintroduce in the system has broken of the substance and energy that if garbage would become. According to some specialists in the subject, the recycling possesss some advantages, and the greaters of them are: minimizao of the use of natural sources, that many times are not […]