Arranz Director

Instead of taking positions on all my skills and performances in my work during the previous twelve months, the contents of the interview would be focused on the identification of the areas of work that I should improve and develop a plan of action for the next period of assessment, with their corresponding objectives. If […]

Goals That Are Manifested Faster

Most people have desires, longings and purposes to fulfil, but they have not been able to bring that information to establish a clear goal and a road or compliance strategies, then the probability of materialisation is low. Indeed life program, nothing happens by chance or by luck, people we see happy is because as well […]

Leather Products

Cow leather is used to make different products. Already since the beginning of humanity used the natural leather of animals to survive in nature. After hunting the animal to be able to feed themselves they took advantage of all parts of the same and their clothes were made to withstand low temperatures, footwear, bags, leather […]

Miguel Rios Goodbye

Bye Bye rivers Rock until the end.Miguel Rios says farewell to Sevilla on 17 September this is the name of the last grand tour of the granadino Miguel Rios, which aims to go dismissing a public which, generation after generation, has a good handful of years siguendole. A tour that will visit cities like Merida, […]

Social Security

Obligations of the self-employed either industrial, merchant, or professional, the individual entrepreneur is obliged to contribute to Social security through the special scheme for self-employed workers. Certain liberal professions is exempted from the payment of this quotation, when his college or professional association guarantee this health care coverage through an agreement with the Social Security. […]