Leather Products

Cow leather is used to make different products. Already since the beginning of humanity used the natural leather of animals to survive in nature. After hunting the animal to be able to feed themselves they took advantage of all parts of the same and their clothes were made to withstand low temperatures, footwear, bags, leather briefcases to carry utensils when they had to travel long distances. To recognize the quality of the material, resistant and durable, they could develop these products without fear to break or wear down over time. Leather products having characteristics of durability and flexibility were legacy to following generations. In today’s hectic world, products are generally made with lightweight, low cost and low quality material. This produces the material splitting and finally break.

So its use is very short time and, accordingly, the consumer does not enjoy the product you bought because you quickly have to replace it with another. However, still can be found in the market those people who are they strive to preserve this inherited tradition: assess the quality of genuine leather, natural leather.They have knowledge of the properties of the leather to make products and know that they will last in time. They also elaborate them caring for detail, good design and comfort them.On the other hand, we find those people who recognize the quality of the leather and who maintain the desire to share a product with history with their loved ones.