Espirito Santo

Mr. much of the times will go to allow that you pass for this process, who know until its familiar ones you will be against you. You are passing for a desert in its life? It leaves that God comes to make the process of the pisamento in your life, leaves it to touch in your soul, in your heart, therefore, when we confess our occult sins, sins that you only think that she cannot be pardoned it is there that God wants to make to operate you resistant, to give the league for its Espirito Santo in your life, leaves God to work in its ego. 3 – Frame: The potter already took off the imperfections and impurities of the adobe, already he made the process of the rest of the clay, already he kneaded sufficiently so that no type of imperfection is in the adobe, so that this adobe does not come to break, now is hour of molding the adobe. God has a very special plan for you in its workmanship, it to use wants you very, but very exactly in its workmanship, you he is almost in the point of being a vase, leaves that the Espirito Santo to touch comes you at this moment and leaves that it to mold comes you as it wants to make in your life. That she is not you it owner of its life, but allows that the Espirito Santo acts in your life, takes control of its life (aleluia). 4 – Fire: Phase very dolorida it is where the adobe to become a useful vase it has that to pass for the fire.

The Bible standes out in them that God will not allow that you are attemped beyond your forces, for the opposite, together with the temptation it will give the release to you. You are to the point to give up everything, God testing you are you, it you are looking at as you resist the fire. Say I you on behalf of Jesus Christ, who you are very special for God, I do not make nothing in your life who to harm comes you spiritual, part help the Espirito Santo, resist the devil and it he will run away from you, he confesses its sins ones to the others so that you can be sarados, but looks a reliable person, a person who you feel that it has the Espirito Santo in its life, so that it comes to help you at this moment of fire, resistance, of much pain, remembers that God is with you and it, wants to make you an honor vase. ‘ ‘ She keeps your crown so that nobody comes tomar’ ‘.