Communist International

However, it can only be said that the chains continue the same ones, adding elements after the formation of the aliancista movement. Affonso author Enriques believes that the ANL, although made possible by Vargas, took bigger ratios of what the waited one. Reason this that would have unchained its closing. The ones that defends the communist priority in the ANL, say until the Communist International guided its steps, as it wants William Waack in its book ' ' Camaradas' '. Already the ones that believe the relative independence of the movement, say that, to the few, the ANL goes losing this character, until the point of being dominated on the part of the Communists. Situated in this last group, however with an controversial position, it is Anita Leocdia Prestes. For the historian and son of Luis Carlos You give, in its workmanship ' ' Luis Carlos You give and the ANL' ': ' ' Without the Knight of the Hope and everything what it represented in Brazil, at that moment, hardly the ANL would have existido' '. How much to this position, it seems a certainty I exaggerate, in if treating to history, to supervalue a figure, that without a doubt was very important, in detriment of the too much elements that had constructed and kept the aliancista movement.

Reference to this as moment, we believe that the ANL kept, its beginning, the allegiance to its program. However, through a gradual process, and without return, part of the Communists if they had possessed of the power of the movement, supplying arguments its closing for Vargas. Finally, after the illegality, has a consensus in presenting the ANL almost as instrument of faade for some Communists. Later, these more radical elements would organize one (disorganized) seted revolt, that was known as ' ' Comunista&#039 conspiracy; '. However, for Affonso Enriques, Vargas wise person of everything and ' ' deixou' ' that the movement blew up, to initiate planned its hunts to the Communists, who in fact occurred.