Unit Faustino Joo

Repouso- does not exist no force acting on the body in rest. In this inquiry it looked for to evidence where measured pupils revealed or not these conceptions. For, after that, we work the strategy of education from them. I will describe, to follow, the methodology used in my disgnostic study, as well as the results gotten before and after the application of the strategy. 1.4.METODOLOGIA the disgnostic study was lead by means of the elaboration and application of a questionnaire. Aiming at to identify the alternative conceptions of the pupils regarding the force concepts, movement and rest. The questionnaire was applied at the beginning of the lesson to an amount of 17 students of 1a series of average education, in the city of Is Gonalo of the Piau, in the Pertaining to school Unit Faustino Joo. Where to the end of the lesson after to have occurred an explanation of the professor on the force concepts, movement and rest, the same questionnaire was applied the students of this group, searching to evaluate the learning of the concepts on the part of the pupils.

1.5.Resultados and Quarrels the tables to follow indicate the total of answers given to each one of the alternatives of each question, before and after the application of the education strategy. The asterisk (*) indicates the correct alternative in the ones of choice multiple. Table 1 and 2: Total of answers given to the alternatives of questions 01 the 04 (before and later). QuestoQ1Q2 Alterna.ABC*DABCD* Antes8636434 Depois314116 QuestoQ3 Q4 Altern.A* BCDABCD* Antes9323 1313 Depois125 16 subjective Question of number 5: Given a total of 17 pupils, 15 pupils had answered that when a rock is launched for top, disdaining the resistance of air acts two forces on it and the 17 had answered that when the same one is launched for low weight only acts the force.