With respect to the corpus, we analyze the workmanship of Infantile Literature theoretically pretty Girl of the ribbon bow, basing us on authors as Mussalim (2006), Orlandi (2002), Cavalcanti (2002), Aguiar (2001), Would make (2004) and Valley (2001). This work was elaborated aiming at to contribute for the reflection of as the book, of the famous author previously Ana Maria Axe, approaches the speeches specified. Word-key: Infantile literature. Lingusticas marks. Speeches.

Citizen. Interdiscurso. Abstract: This article has the following purposes: (1) describe how to writer Ana Maria Axe builds the discourse on the black consciousness, the concept of beauty and respect will be differences, in one of his best-known literary works, and (2) examines how marks present in the language your book materializes these discourses. With regard you the corpus, we analyze the work of Children’ s Literature Girl Pretty ribbon and the reasons will be the theory by authors such the Mussalim (2006), Orlandi (2002), Cavalcanti (2002), Aguiar (2001), Would make (2004) and Valley (2001). This work was prepared you contribute you the understanding of how the book, the renowned author Ana Maria Axe, addresses the discourses specified above. Keywords: Children’ s Literature. Brands language.

Speeches. Subject. Discourse. 1. INTRODUCTION Historically, our country lives in a discriminatory reality and prejudiced it stops with the citizens afro-descendants, who today compose a great parcel of the Brazilian population.