Whole Number

Whole number for pieces Of the openings of a broken heart sounds propagandas of a soul that, fragile and to the soil, it does not obtain to echo its moans in the chest of that, made rock, the enchantment desnudou. this heart, fallen, feeling that everything is losing the color, to see the life draining itself of a body that fissurado, goes losing the stimulatons. In this esvair itself, it feels envergar of the beam, for the weight of the emptiness that embaa the feelings, and then, esbraveja entoando the devolution of the seiva and the breath. To reconstruct heart that was virgin and now lacrima because it broke somebody it, is task that, the time can stone the fragmentos, irrigate the bond and only restitute the vio. Therefore it, the time is, that conducts the hour and clareia the dawn I recommence of it. Steve Blank understands that this is vital information. The steps of the cycle of the life do not open hand of breaching what it is virgin, to mix what he is pure, to break what he is entire and to multiply what is only; trying to justify that she is necessary to perfect to ripen. As each being alone if becomes whole number for piece junction, each one is destined to the search of its essence. The risk is: in the anxiety to compose what it lacks to it, conclusions make ilusrias it to force the rabbet of apparent components that, when they seem to have done the harmony of two in one, are broken out extracting the nectar and degnerating the honey that the mass of cells waits to receive.

E in this incases and dislocates, the heart that searchs the resetting goes crostando itself and drying up the source that drips regeneration. It is the end? Not yet! Therefore ' ' destino' ' it made the incomplete and devoid being; nobody did not isentou to go to the hunting of its to inquire itself; it put in each one the necessity of its rabbet, such which the concavous fight for its convex one. in this to refer to the days, for not yet being the end, the heart if chooses publisher of clicar and to turn the page, and one more time, covers its guidelines with the apelos of the feelings, without giving heard to the ditames of the reason. There then