Analysis on the text: ' ' PATIENCE: TWO DOSES, PLEASE! ' ' In accordance with the reality where we live few is the times that we stop to give attention to the being most important on the land: each individual in particular, that is, ' ' EU' '. ' ' You already saw somebody to arrive in the pharmacy or in the supermarket and to ask for how much costs a dose of patience? if the patience if transformed into a for sale product in the commerce? Ah! Good part of the wage in this merchandise, so rare would have as much people spending nowadays. For very little, the madame goes down of the jump and untied palavres and berros that it takes off I know there of where. Almost without reason, the held good executive forgets the words noble and adopts a vocabulary extremely chulo. ' ' cavalheiro' ' , then? That one that when it is in the transit is changedded into a coarse one without tamanho.' ' Therefore it is, this way where we reveal what we are not, but what really it disturbs in them, for the fact not to obtain to control our acts, our fidgets It is, it seems that everything is reason estresse for it and the irritation. The children speak excessively, the aged ones are very slow, the voice of the teacher are a chatice, the head bother, the wife demand excessively, the husband if he strengthens little, the job is a torture, in would pizzaria has much people, in the snack bar has little, to take a walk does not have favour. In the street it has much racket, inside of house silence is irritating. At last, we are without tranquillity, patience, peace. this would have to be happening? I believe that not! But what it makes in them to think about being different of that they do not have patience, if the least we obtain concentrating in them in a text when we are attracted by it, for example, you who are at this moment reading what I wrote, with certainty you must be to think about other things, or you are deceived? I wait that yes! The patience is in lack in the market and, for what if it can see, the synthetic serenity of the calmantes comes taking account.