Successful Product

Barbie has varied over time, both the appearance of your face and your body. Different moulds used for her head are known by collectors as the head mold, and usually their name identifies with the of the first doll that has taken him. Barbie has not only had different molds throughout its history, but that her friends, of different races, have also seen how their faces were evolving. The first mold patented in 1958 and was an outgoing and solid line at the height of the tabs. It is the original Barbie head mold, which is still being used today, with the Silkstone line and the repros (modern reproductions of the classic vintage). That same year which is patented mold would be used for her first friend, Midge, Midge original head mold, more turn-up nose, and which went on sale in different editions, with blond, black, and red hair. Her first friend of black race, Christie, was released in 1965, with a cast that as in the case of Midge would go to evolve and be updated, and known as the original Christie head mold. The Barbie doll has brought a lot of games, Internet, table games, games of painting, among other great variety of products, had some success which has the original product while others went out in small quantities, or certain countries so they are difficult to find and therefore tend to be the most attractive for collectorsthat’s why a lot of these products were released with great success around the world. That is why throughout the history of this doll, barbie games were one of the games with more sales and success around the world.