Human Being

The human being is the workmanship cousin of God. None of the other creatures if equals the man, so great is its dignity. None another being was endowed with soul, where they are our freedom, our intelligence, our will, our capacity to love. In virtue to be the only creatures ' ' animadas' ' (it livens up: soul in Latin), we are also the only ones to who God grants the salvation; first and intrinsic vocation of the man and the woman. We were for love who God sent its only true Son, who is God as and with the Father to die for our sins. God if made sin for our cause, in says So Paulo to them.

How wonderful mystery! The proper God, in its onipotncia, to assume the poor condition exactly human being, humiliating itself, and to die in the horrible sacrifice de a Cruz, way the humilhaes and sufferings; accepting everything this without at least pronouncing a word of hatred, everything this for love me and you. Jesus Christ, who is God, when assuming our condition human being, raised it; he became it worthy of to participate of the incommensurable conviviality the holy ghost, opened us the doors of the Salvation. She was necessary that God if made man as we, so that we in them became ' ' deuses' ' , in the direction of that when we will be with It, we will be also n? It, and with it will be ' ' deuses' '. is necessary also that everything this if becomes gift each time that the Missa Saint is celebrated. Unhappyly, we do not give value to this. He seems that we ignore the sacrifice of Christ. He is as if we were those people who caoavam of Christ while it was dying, nailed in the Cross. We have an immense value: we cost the Blood of Christ, the blood of the proper God, spilled in the cross.

He does not have bigger honor in this land. Day after day, we see the degradation of the human being. We see the people if delivering to the mundane pleasures, that leave a tragic emptiness spiritual, and alone they harm in them. We see making them or leaving to make with them, things that do not correspond to our dignity. We see participating them of walks, manifestations and movements that they are a shame. We see them fighting for ideals, being enslaved of other people’s ideologies to the Divine Truth, and so on. We are valid the Blood of Christ! We are better and more important that everything this! We are children of God! We have a God, a loving father who loves in them more than everything, to this is enough in them here in this world. We do not need nothing more.