The Man

One lady said: – It must be an angel! That nothing parents of this GOD not visit, WHERE HE ONLY HAS CORRUPT AND THIEF. He is bad to appear angel, only has outlaw here. One lady of the way of the multitude remembered to all: He saw what JESUS spoke: I CAME TO THE SICK […]

Espirito Santo

Mr. much of the times will go to allow that you pass for this process, who know until its familiar ones you will be against you. You are passing for a desert in its life? It leaves that God comes to make the process of the pisamento in your life, leaves it to touch in […]

Human Being

The human being is the workmanship cousin of God. None of the other creatures if equals the man, so great is its dignity. None another being was endowed with soul, where they are our freedom, our intelligence, our will, our capacity to love. In virtue to be the only creatures ' ' animadas' ' (it […]