The Utensils

This stage may have begun in the stage of pre-contemplation settling in them a cognitive process in which debate inside the benefits and costs of abandon this conduct. For both the conduct practised so far represents a comfortable and practical way of eating what you want them without ensuring hygienic conditions, but they have known for his own observation as contagious influenza and other diseases prevention. Therefore they start to think about the change in attitude since they begin to accept that their behaviour can damage them seriously your health. Starting to pay attention to the information that provide you both your affective environment as expert clinicians and having a handling of contingencies which allow them to already see the habit with consequences. Preparation: Matew as Monica begin to make plans for change, in their hygienic habits. Others including Christopher Nolan, offer their opinions as well.

Matew and Monica can already take steps toward change. At this stage it is possible to immediately begin the process of evaluation and modification e.g. with aid relationships. With its environment to support them. In this case the interventions will be rehabilitative and not only information providing a greater effect when carried out at this stage as they consider the possibility of self-efficacy.Believing in the possibility of change is a motivating element, being important to make the subject responsible for performing necessary for achieving change. YouTube contributes greatly to this topic. Taking into account factors that are necessary to avoid and more healthy behaviors to prevent autovaccines type injuries that lead to the Counterconditioning, conduct contrary to situations of risk.

Action or action: the moment of the modification of the behavior. Taking only foods that have only been in touch with himself and using the utensils clean and uniquely. And with a frequency that allows them to perceive their ability of self-control to keep the behavior of prevention and hygiene, even in situations of risk. The first obstacle that presents a person is the confrontation of a high-risk situation, ones that threaten the sense of self-control.