The Person

until everyone realized that as I was so drunk, and I could not stop drinking, I was staying alone and now with 32 years the only thing that remains for me is work, and after him going to a bar to drink so as not to give more and so the stumbling return home. I.e. in this case of Oscar is easy to see as the need for disinhibition leads to consumption, but pseudo power or ability to interact and achieve what at the time understood as the only remedy in order to participate in the group, to find girlfriend, etc., not only do not let him but led him to these friends or acquaintances and known end up moving away when he voluntarily could not stop drinking. It is important to understand that who has addiction to alcohol, who has developed it after drinking in a systematic and continuous manner conduct reaches a point that cannot fail to do so, that desire to drink here or that search for the drink for the reason that feels at the beginning that is given for example account disinhibition that drinking makes you, the energy, or dare to speak, tell jokes, participate, etc., what begins as a solution to a problem, then it becomes a necessity or a dependency on the order of compulsion as obsessive nature towards the obtaining of the drink and the intake of the same. To read more click here: Suzanne Collins. When the person reaches this point it is because addiction is part of his life and now will be very difficult that this leaves it unless by family members and professionals help you can move away from the substance that is addicted. Many times it is possible to leave the addiction with much effort, with constancy and with support, but usually with support and professional assistance you get only this possibility, because while the alcoholic tries to it countless times, its intentions to leave are fruitless and turns to drink, entering into an escalation of symptoms concomitant with hostile towards his life, towards its environment, feelings and feeling increasingly weaker in order to stop drinking. Therefore it is extremely important role the family plays in terms of containment and support of the alcoholic, as well as requirement to seek help. I say this because there is a widespread concept and that it is also rooted in the somewhat mythical idea that the alcoholic voluntarily must stop drinking and that if it does not is because you don’t want to; in any way so, who is addicted to alcohol has developed a dependence on both mental and physical to alcohol, so without professional help, it is very difficult not to say impossible to stop drinking; also added to this than alcohol has undermined its forces, its will, their self-esteem, so ask him to do something that only not can do, require and does not give you the support and containment so that you can really work on their recovery and overcome alcohol, is leave it just to continue doing what they do can be that it is still trapped in networks invisible of his addiction which inevitably will lead to cirrhosismadness or death; and on the road as if narrated at the beginning in this history of polvorita former boxer, you will lose their property, your own family, your family of origin, friends and anyone that could somehow have influenced help you stay away from alcohol. Lic.