DOI Paulo

Flix Maier systematic Acampanha of defamation that suffers to the colonel Carlos AlbertoBrilhante Ustra since the miditico show from lies promoted pelaantiga petista member of the house of representatives Beth Mendes, in 1985, sends algumasperguntas: – Why Ustra colonel so is hated by the terrorists and ' ' militantes' ' of left? – By that Ustra colonel is submitted to the public torture, almost quediariamente, together with its family, in revanchistas articles, publicadosem reviewed and periodicals, having that to defend itself in some processes, that oqualificam of ' ' torturador' ' in the period where she commanded the DOI/CODI/IIExrcito, in So Paulo, of 29/09/1970 the 23/01/1974? – For that the terrorists of the Red Brigades, of Italy, and osterroristas of the Baader-Meinhof, of Germany, had been for the chain, whereas the Brazilian terrorists receive high indemnities emdinheiro, some millionaire? – For that the old terrorist pair Tarso ' ' Bria' ' Genro and Paulo' ' Torquemada' ' Vannuchi if pledged in such a way in modifying the Law of the Amnesty, in way that but the military and you police of the Forces of Security, tachados of ' ' torturadores' ' , they are imprisoned, at the same time where osassassinos ' ' terroristas' ' of left they are saved, as wants ofamigerado PNDH-3? ODOI/CODI of old II the Army (current southeastern Military Command) foicriado in 1970, substitution to the old Oban (Bandeirantes Operation). In the city of So Paulo the organizations were congregated terrorist chamadasde ' ' Groups of Fogo' ' , that they executed violent, matandoinocentes actions armed, assaulting quartis in search of weapons and stealing banks, car-forts, supermarkets and houses d' weapons. Although the efforts doento head of the Oban, Major Waldir Rabbit, and of the head of the So Paulo DOPS, commission agent Sergio Paranhos Fleury, the terrorist actions were increasing. To the end of the command of Ustra in the DOI/CODI, the terrorist groups tinhamsido wasted and many of its integrant ones they had been eliminadosfisicamente.