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AEMME supports processes of internationalization of products and/or services to micro-enterprises in this occasion were evaluated the existing business opportunities between the two countries and the different possibilities and existing mechanisms were to establish processes of internationalization of products and/or services between Spain and Peru. In AEMME – Association Spanish multi-sector micro, we bet on internationalization. We know that you can have very positive consequences for the company, if it is known to develop in an organized manner. Our international vision, we launch a cycle of free informative sessions so that the employer can reflect. We want to be the Strategic Partner of our partners, since we have a network of strategic partners and their contacts, with the intention of starting an active prospecting for business people-centred and the ability to establish relationships of confidence, said Victor Delgado, President of AEMME. In this first virtual meeting all the objectives were covered raised, being the first of other meetings already requested own attendees over the course of this session. Rommy Montalvan, as Adviser of internationalization of AEMME moderated the interventions of the numerous and lively participants from both sides of the Atlantic and presented the Iberolab as program support project.

From Peru, and as organizing part of the meeting participated Henry Garcia, President of CAPEN, the Peruvian Business Chamber representing small business, corporations and associations Peruvian and foreign. On behalf of the public administration of Peru, they could count on the collaboration of Fernando Barraza Dorador, specialist in management Publica.con company GobConsult. Among the Peruvian businessmen were, angela Gamarra company San Roque, Jose Antonio Santander de Wiznit, Gisella mooring of Gamarra Group and Andres Miguel Ponce by presenting a plan of entrepreneurs of the telecommunications sector, among others. By Spanish side was also attended by entrepreneurs from different sectors, among those who were Juan Jose Dominguez of Daedalus consultants, Luis Martinez of Tecnos-is, which develops application software at a distance, Silvia Rodriguez, de Asesoria Juridica y Pilar Esteban de Markarte, agency marketing and communication that supports SMEs and micro-enterprises in its strategic plan for internationalization both in Spain. Attendees, as well as the organizers of the event from AEMME closed this virtual meeting with great satisfaction by the experience and prepared to deal with new encounters to come to Spanish and Peruvian businessmen of more straightforward, accessible and productive. On 10 a new international virtual meeting will be held to continue these sessions. You can see the video of the Virtual day of internationalization: business opportunities between Peru and Spain here more informacion:aemme (Spanish Multisectorial Association of microenterprise) C /. Ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, MadridTels.: 917521036 / 650291524Fax: 915283987Email:: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible for communication.