surely sometimes they have been asked Because the life is thus? and many answers go to their head, but it is only necessary to know how to live to the rate of the life, although he is a little difficult so that every day has its worse moment, but never we will be able to live to Ritmo on vida without to have known Christ. When I say to live to the rate of the life it is not to live what the life gives you if not to know as to face them it is like having the keys of each padlock if it appears to you a problem you have the solution. That is to live to the rate of the life. that when you have a problem you face it and you solve it, and if you say – this problem does not have solution is not certain, it is as if a padlock would not have its key, if it is certain some times exacamente we exacamente do not know the solution of a problem, but with the help of Christ everything is possible, so that perhaps God put to him limits the faith. The bible says that if tuvieramos faith as a granite of mostasa a mountain can be moved.

So if we have faith to think that a problem can be solved that thus sera! and when you make that entenderas that are to live to the rate of the life and viviras with a total life and safe, there are many classes of life but this is best, the best one than the life with fame, better than the life with money, better than the life with being able, better than all so that here there is peace. If you want to live to the rate of the life you must know Christ so that Christ loves to you, who but can make to gain your love? perhaps it must die again by your malda? there, if your you look for of, it waited for with the open arms and viviras to you to the rate of the life. I hope that to this it arrives you article at the heart, I did because it with that intention.