Real One

Principles are: ' ' Some ideas/certainties/formularizations They are the start, the starting point of the actions. But they had not appeared first after the practical one. In contrast, they already are the result of practical carried through ' ' (Dossier MST School – Documents and Studies 1990-2001. pg.60). The philosophical and pedagogical principles, say respect to an action with solid base, with clear objectives and defined, with contents and methodologies that it aims at to form critical citizens, that imply reflections on practical its, its history, aiming at an emancipation human being, According to Ivo Tonet in the book Education, Citizenship and Emancipation Human being, some requirements are necessary to reach the emancipadora educative activity that it intends to contribute for the emancipation human being, the first one would be the knowledge, deepest and solid possible of the nature of the end whom if it intends to reach, as it is the appropriation of the knowledge regarding the process description Real, in its dimensions particular Reals and, third it follows, is in the knowledge of the essential nature of the specific field of the education, the requisite room of one practical emancipadora is in the domain of the contents specific, the fifth and last one is in the joint of the educative activity with the fights developed for the subordinate classrooms, especially with the fights of that they occupy decisive positions in the productive structure. (pg.226 the 235). The school assumes thus the responsibility to form the citizen, that comes to participate of this social transformation, and is this that the movement comes making, teaching the totalitarian knowledge, of form in which the people if appropriate of this knowledge, teaching the fight of the people. So that this principle happens, some strategies are necessary, that is purposes to reach a society joust, and this will be made possible with tactics, that are the half ones to reach the ends, in which the people can awake for critical a vision and compromissada, thus being able to enxergar the injustices, and from this they can fight against the wealth concentration, to fight for land, change in the social order, leaving of these principles.