Lack Of Direction

Exactly in the construction of a phrase we will be able to verify the existing gaps between words, or same between letters, beyond other spaces evidentes than exactly they send to the intention of the gap as meant clear, fomenting in the observer the search for the direction of the lack that has. In the case the one that I mention the gap appears while supplement to the space factor, but also we can use it in a secular logic. We do not obtain to leave to perceive the emptiness, however we supply it a direction so that let us can act of logical form on what we perceive, that is, we make with that the lack if becomes presence. We look at the written words, however, between our optic perception and the text exists diverse factors, since the time that if leads to perceive until understanding the capitado object, as the space between the focus and the image, diverse factors meets enters I and the object, but who is the citizen is determining that instant of its reality, not perceiving all a diversity of phenomena incommensurable that they occur at that moment. The citizen excludes what its perception is exterior, creating a dialgica between what it is and what it does not conceive to be, serving itself of the gap while instrumentalizao for overcoming of the lapse created by its selective process. The gaps are more gifts of what we imagine, to perceive them are to place themselves ahead of the reality and of reflexiva form to look for to understand it, knowing the limit of what we know and the hypothetical potentiality of what is presented while not-known, creating inside of a hermeneutics the concretion of what it does not belong in them and at the same time is of right of all, therefore if the reality is distinguished, the lapses is of public domain, therefore for not having been filled, they obviously become passive of an in agreement fulfilling the will submits that them, at the same time being able to be questioned by the scarce presentation of direction, what also it can be applied what we conceive as ' ' conhecido' '.