Plan Municipal Director

They had been, also, ranks short in a sounding of recognition, three structures: one that it relates to be the foundation of one pillar of sustentation of one of the arcs of the building that, in turn, seats in one another argamassada structure (about 85 cm of the level of the plate of hardened of the current floor). Ana Wood relates, still, to have identified to a floor constructed for mortar and fragmentos of ceramics of construction, leaving in opened the hypothesis of if to deal with some type of I opposed that, according to same, if she would draw out for all the sounding area. 3. Framing 3.1. Framing Geogrfico and Geomorfolgico the archaeological intervention was carried through in the Streets of Is Julio, ns 47-57 and of the Commerce, ns 32-38. Administratively one bes situated in the Clientele of the Madalena, Concelho and District of Lisbon. N 431 is inserted in the Military Letter (esc. 1/25.000).

The geographic coordinates of the place are: 38 42? 34? N and 9 08? 09? W. These arteries of the Pombalina Decrease meet in zone level 1 of the Plan Municipal Director of Lisbon. To the geomorfolgico point-of-sight they are about deposits aluvionares that they are overlapped to the miocnicas lands that constitute the geologic substratum. 34-D of the Geologic Letter of Portugal is inserted in the Leaf (esc. 1/50.000), referring to the region of Lisbon, and whose Explicativa Notice sends in them for the following one: in geologic terms, it is developed in miocnicos deposits, attributed argilas of the Oven of the Brick, and to calcareous rocks of Entrecampos. These lands occur covered for alluviums and deposits of aterros of Modern Time. The inferior level the ground aluvionares, with a maximum depth that oscillates between the 7 and the 9 mts, and that if they constitute of arenaceous ground (about 3 mts of thickness).