Real base, where the community human being lives, and plays the essential activities to its material survival and spiritual, the territory has unobserved and had past as immediate data, whose existence is accepted without quarrel. The territory is not a homogeneous being, with equality of conditions and potentialities in all the directions. We evidence this for the occurrence of certain resources, in some areas, however, not in others. For the presence, in determined areas, of great agglomerations of population and economic activities, to the side of the existence of great demographic and productive emptinesses. E, for the simultaneous existence, of areas where the natural conditions meet, still, unbroken, to the side of others, where the return to the original natural conditions is almost impossible. 1. The PRESENT TIME Currently, to the being inquired on what it occurs as the territory where lives, normally, the common citizen does not know what to say. To the being inquired on occupation and the use of the territory, the reply, in general way, is that ' ' territory is a' ' , being ' ' ocupado' ' being ' ' usado' ' for all.

It does not have a clear conscience on the territorial problems. But the ways of life of the modern societies, and its intensification, since the beginning of the century passed until the current days, comes continuously compromising the territory, without we apercebamos in them of this. Workers, intellectuals, students, owner-of-house, politicians, etc., do not obtain to hit upon with what, in fact, the territory comes suffering. 2. PARALLELISM BETWEEN the ENVIRONMENT AND the TERRITORY Establishing a parallel between the ambient questions and the territorial questions, we could affirm that, in terms of a conscience on the territory, today, we find in them as we were in the end of the decade of 60 and beginning of the decade of 70, in terms of a conscience in relation to the half-environment.