Central Intelligence Agency

Placement or outbreak of explosive devices, assassinations and physical assaults and other provocations are included in these facts. Only in 1968, the terrorist of Cuban origin Orlando Bosch Avila was responsible for 69 terrorist events in the United States, mainly the placement of bombs against Cuban interests. Beginning in 1976, the groups affiliated with the coordination of organizations Revolutionary United (CORUA) exhibited their credentials as terrorists. Not only they placed bombs against Cuban diplomatic representations, they prepared kidnappings, murders carried out in United States as Cuban emigrated Eulalio Negrin and the Cuban diplomat at the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Felix Garcia. They planned to fly planes in flight and carried out, as well as other complex operations requiring study, access to facilities and coordinations international to achieve its purposes, that only a professional team could achieve, duly supported by a special service of subversion and espionage as the Central Intelligence Agency.

A case of relevant terrorist violence contained the horrendous crime of the airplane of Cubana de Aviacion in Barbados on 6 October 1976, organized from Venezuela by criminals Orlando Bosch avila and Luis Posada Carriles, where all passengers and crew were killed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, these terrorist attacks intensify more, where the majority of these attacks have been conducted from Miami, Center of all illegal activities perpetrated against Cuba by American Cubans living in exile. From the early 1990s starts a new crime against Cuba programme for two specific purposes: assassinate the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and affect the sources of foreign currency for Cuba, in particular the tourist industry, at a time of a difficult economic situation generated after the fall of socialism in Eastern Europe and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). On February 24, 1996 There is an incursion of brothers to the rescue. Three small planes violated Cuban airspace very near the urban centre of the city of Havana and two of them are torn down.