Welcome Message

Lords Pre-Conference Attendees Primary Care Mental Health Medellin 2009 Dear Colleagues, Thank you again for your assistance and contributions to the pre-congress activity we conducted on 11 June in Medell n as part of the 6th International Congress of Public Health. As a result of the process of group reflection on the topic of Mental Health and APS in which you all participated, as part of one of the commitments we made at the end of the meeting, we are pleased to announce the creation of this blog in which Mental Health will cover topics including the Primary Care Mental Health. Through this blog aims to provide a space for the smooth exchange of information and reflections on this subject that arouses much interest in us and has much relevance to our country.We may share technical documents, management reports, research results, among others. We invite you to register and begin to make active use of this blog that are already published the Memoirs of Pre-Congress and the Activity Report submitted to the Secretariat of Health, this will run the meeting transcribed and some other documents of interest. Also if anyone has ideas for the use we make of the blog, we welcome your suggestions. This process took us a few weeks longer than expected due to some technical situations fortunately able to solve.