Supreme Hacedor

It is a habit that assumed when it was 24 years old. If we took like foundation the one that today is 65 years old, we will have like result that takes more than forty years practicing the principle of the joy. The most recent survey developed on health you mention, well-being and the happiness in Latin America, it revealed that in San jOse of Costa Rica, the most inclined people to the happiness live (46.4%) and they follow to him in his order Mexico D.F. (46%), Santiago of Chile (44%), Sao Pablo, Brazil (42%), Bogota (40%), Lima (35%) and Buenos Aires (33%). They assure the specialists who the emotional health is a process that leaves from inner La Paz and it is reflected in our deal with the others. It produces a positive attitude before the life, elevates the self-esteem, it allows to enjoy the relation the others and in family. Now: To be happy does not depend on the circumstances but on every one, of the form as it assumes the things.

It is not as much of the friendly, or the material goods that we own, work, possessions, the position that we occupy or the physical appearance. To be happy has its foundations in us. The apostle Pablo instructed the Christians of the first century: Mirad that no pays to another one badly by evil; before you follow always the good thing towards others, and all. You are always joyful. (1 Tesalonicenses 5:15, 16) To be joyful does not have to be of a day, but a standing readiness. For that reason we speak to work the habit of the happiness. That is obtained when we evaluated the small things. It does not forget that who transforms our being he is own Mr.

Jesus. And to this moving powerful of God, permtame to add a recommendation of Patch Adams: the happiness is an option that the human beings we took or we rejected every morning, when abrir the eyes . It resigns today to the infelicidad, and permtale to the Supreme Hacedor that changes its life.