The Man

One lady said: – It must be an angel! That nothing parents of this GOD not visit, WHERE HE ONLY HAS CORRUPT AND THIEF. He is bad to appear angel, only has outlaw here. One lady of the way of the multitude remembered to all: He saw what JESUS spoke: I CAME TO THE SICK PEOPLE. Remembered lady well. In this the Man of the perforateed hands.

placed its two hands bound in the belly Mrs. starting to pray if not mattering with the multitude. It felt you a force leaving the perforateed hands of the Man, seemed that it was operating blunt. The force was as much that it almost fainted. It did not delay two minutes lady already WAS CURED WITHOUT PAIN.

In this Mrs. if raised felt as if she had been operated spiritual, its pain passed and was felt alliviated happy. It looked at well in the eyes of the Man of the perforateed hands, who if dressed with a tnica covering the head. noticed a different light that radiated peace started, you to cry, not of pain, but of joy for having recognized the Man of the perforateed hands exclamando: It is! It is! It is! Somebody of the multitude asked: It who? It answered: THE MAN OF THE PERFORATEED HANDS IS JESUS. HE IS JESUS. Somebody said: – it was insane person. Where if people saw JESUS in the way here it today century XXI. In this the Man of the perforateed hands skirt of mansinho that nobody noticed. Mrs.