Technology Response

For those who want more, developers BenQ applied technology of dynamic contrast. This technology allows for better display of dark areas and scenes uvilichivaet levels of perceived contrast by 10 times, to the value of 10000:1. This effect is achieved through electronic dimming glow backlights. High speed response of the matrix is supported by Technology ama (acceleration response time), which optimizes image quality, minimizes distortion and artifacts. The response time is very small – just 2 ms, so anyone, even the most dynamic image crisp, without the delays and distortions that will please both gamers and fans of vibrant video. Proprietary technology Senseye + Photo optimizes the picture, improving contrast, sharpness and color rendition. It includes five display mode (standard, dynamic, movie, pictures, sRGB) for the user to choose the most convenient setting for each situation.

In addition, the processor Senseye automatically adjusts to work with Professional software: improves sharpness, eliminates possible artifacts and blurring the image. Design Design monitor many will like. Pearl white looks fresh and beautiful. Frame around the screen is thin, the bottom part of the body moved forward a small panel that set the power button. The original monitor stand adds elegance and beauty. In general, design is made in straight lines, looks very easy, stylish, aesthetically pleasing and will fit in a variety of interiors. The design of integrated USB-hub at three ports, which has the BenQ M2400HD, solves the perennial problem – the need to crawl under the table in order to insert the stick into the system unit.