Bee Products Properties

In the world there are many wonderful and unsearchable things. One of the wonders on earth is the bee, which retained its small world that exists, according to scientists, more than 200 million years. The body of the bee is known to be covered hairs. When collecting nectar, pollen grains can easily stick to the […]

Orthopedic Products Against Flatfoot

Flat … This frightening, such a common and obscure to many diagnosis. Someone thinks flat major problem, someone is paying attention to the condition of their feet, and someone that seems to state commonplace – "like the Pope …" Flatfoot is caused by weakening of vault of the foot, the longitudinal and transverse arches, load […]

Diet Products

Its flavor depends on its content of vanillin – an aromatic substance, which represents an aldehyde. Vanillin can also be obtained by artificial means, or synthesizing of guaiacol eygenola. In the form of pulverized sugar with vanilla and vanilla can be used to flavor cheese, cream, dough, pudding, etc., Bay leaf – dried leaves of […]