For the past four months as there was no desire and ability to understand what was happening to me. My executive director, part-woman, four months working in fish-saw. – Sasha, you are completely abandoned the site. It wrong. Need to write an article, you need to update it. Must …

must … must … What is needed, I understand. But … how to stretch the day to at least 48 hours? ..

In stock hanging around 300 degrees and coursework, which must be placed on the site. Children consuming abyss of time. One has only to concentrate, and 11-year-old son, there is urgent, but very stupid question: – Dad, it was my mother. It smells like singed. I can disassemble it? – While "Mama" (motherboard), by the way, former new three months ago, he holds in his hands. Sleep is impossible in principle. Customers calling from 8 am to 2 am. Everyone is not less urgent and a smart question. I understand that angry, I understand that my clients do not deserve it, but some sleep, too, sometimes feel like it. Tatiana: "Alexander, why you in my speech, wrote that the purpose of my thesis is to analyze the stages of business planning, and I – the investment project"? Veronica: "Alexander, the plan manager has changed, and in the course. Urgent need to remake "(all names in this article have been changed for privacy). I understand that animals, slowly but surely. The only desire – to go on the island and the warm dig in the sand (and with his head).