The Satan have implanted in the people this dominador so that they do not know the truth, therefore to know themselves will be free. Jesus said: ' ' You will know the truth and the truth you libertar' '. The best form of if dominating somebody are to keep it in the ignorance. Many religions have made this arriving at the point to forbid the reading of the Bible. ' ' Ignorance of the things of Deus' ' it is a dominador in the interior, and that it leads the destruction. Os.4: 6. We have that to fight against our interior blackout.

Ef.4: 17-19? Blackout is darknesses and darknesses mean ignorance. I Pe.1: 14? Not to walk in the passions that we had previously in the period of ignorance. Ignorance in the things of God is a dominador that has that to be taken off of its interior. All time that you study, that you read the Bible you you are killing this dominador. Passion is ignorance.

Love is wisdom, is knowledge of Christ. The passion in you is a dominador that has that to die so that the true love appears. It has people that she has the dominador of the passion and is waiting the magic prince. Magic you for the dominador are. IV? 4o. Enemy to be looser interior: Forces spirituals of the badness. (troops spirituals). In the exterior to the man, the malignant espritos are all (forces) that the people in this world assediam lead and them to the sin. In the interior of the man, it is that force that acts in its heart taking it the sin. WE DIVIDE IN TWO PARTS: 1a. Part ' ' Troops espirituais' ' she comes of the gr. (Troops = forces) (spirituals = Pneumatic) and sig. human spirit. This fight also has that to be stopped in its spirit, therefore it can there have envolvimentos with the workmanships of the darknesses, as; sacrificed witchcraft, witchcraft, magic, idolatria, and things the dolos. 2a. Part ' ' Of maldade' ' it comes of the gr. Ponrias and sig. Iniquity, vitiates, pecaminosidade. The badness that is operated in our spirit is: deppravao covets, it, the malice, and all envolvement with malignant espritos. Therefore, this fight happens inside of you. I Ts.5: 23? it says that our spirit must remain irreproachable until the return Mr. We have that to start a new war spiritual in our lives. Therefore, the true adoradores are those that adore in spirit and truth. Conclusion: It is hour of you to fight, my brother, against all attack of the darknesses in its life, also in its interior. It is improved, it known, it armed. then you it will reach the richest victories that somebody can reach.